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Colgate Supplemental (3 words your friend would use to describe you)

leylamagsud 5 / 6 1  
Dec 5, 2018   #1

what my friend thinks about me?

To be able to really comprehend what my friend means when describing me, I am obliged to shed light on the person my friend is. My friend is very unconventional, in the sweetest way possible. This magnetic pull of unconventionality is probably the basis of our long-lasting friendship. Consequently, when asked to describe me in three words, she took a different approach. As she says, "three words are just not enough to describe your beautifully peculiar nature."

She says I am an unstoppable visionary. I remember the exact moment she told me this. I had just finished explaining my life-long dream of becoming a successful neurosurgeon, who then opens up a small two-story shop. The first floor will, essentially, be my tattoo & piercing parlor. I imagine the second floor to be a sort of escape from reality. Picture this - soft bean bags sprinkled around a vintage USSR turntable that will most certainly play Queen most of the time, and the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the air.

"You also tend to look at people through rose-tinted glasses." It's true, I do try to see the best in people. It seems utterly foolish to focus on the negative aspects of life. "Your understanding of life is also one of the reasons why you are dubbed the "class clown," she says. What can I say? I love making people laugh.

As this essay comes to an end, I hope my friend painted a nice picture of who I am.

Word count: 250 words
Any help is appreciated!

Holt - / 7,546 2001  
Dec 6, 2018   #2
Leyla, never deviate from the prompt instructions regardless of how useless you think the instructions are. You are being tested in your ability to follow instructions during this written interview. Don't change the instructions just because you feel the prompt is insufficient or because you want to be more creative in your presentation. The reviewer asks for 3 words, then you must deliver 3 words that will describe you as a person. That is not hard to do considering this is a manners, conduct, and character essay response.

How would your friend describe you? Some of the single word references that come to mind are honest, helpful, caring, trusting, trustworthy, kindred, moral, friendly, just, among other single reference words that can be used by someone to describe a friend's character and conduct. Revise the essay. Follow the instructions. You can choose any of the above single reference words or develop your own. Just stick to the required format. Don't create your own because you will never know better than the reviewer. Going against the discussion instructions will never be a good thing for you to do as it will give the reviewer a clear reason to reject your application. Stand out using the basic one word descriptions to describe 3 aspects of your personality. Use one word then explain the circumstances that led to the choosing of that description for your action or personality. That is what you have to do.

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