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College Essay - Fashion Institute of Technology Essay for Illustration

sarahArtist12 1 / -  
Nov 12, 2018   #1

What makes you a perfect candidate for FIT?

Why are you interested in the major you are applying to?
We'd like you to tell us in an essay. This is your chance to tell us more about your experiences, activities and accomplishments
(750 words limit)

About half of the people I know have told me that it is impossible to make it in the arts or that I need to find a something else that is beneficial in our society and just make art as a hobby. I do not blame them for thinking that way, because it is a very steep career in this demanding society, and not a lot of rational thinking people would put in all the effort in the arts knowing that this field is overly saturated and very competitive. I am well aware of all these judgements, but these preconceived notions are not affecting my career choice as an artist. I value my craft as much as the criticisms I receive after finishing a piece. I put in a lot of passion and time to make it all worth it, and study each and every single detail that is critical in my craft, because I have always believed that art is about making history and that the determined artists often go to the places they have always dreamed of.

I have been illustrating my whole life. I made imaginary album covers, redesigned the book covers of my favorite books, and made movie posters. In high school, I started to really focus on my work. I was able to use different mediums and special types of papers I didn't know existed, then progressed to computerize my works where I applied my skills on a computer and learned different types of creative softwares. During my first year as an illustration major from the School of Visual Arts, I was fortunate enough to meet one of my favorite illustrators, Christoph Neimann. His creative process of his work gave me a lot of inspirations. Illustration stand out to me the most, because it is versatile, ubiquitous, and most importantly, entertaining in many ways. They are used in book covers, posters, packaging, textile, and many more. It is, in my opinion, the most flexible form of art. I have seen my favorite illustrators putting animations in their work and it just amazes me how the synergy behind the two very different art forms are intriguing. Sometimes context is not necessary to prove a point, this is one of the strongest abilities of Illustration. The ability to spread a message to everyone with the use of shapes, colors, and textures in a unique fashion. In addition, Illustration plays a big role in our society and it has been successful in impacting people's lives, such as issues regarding our way of life, politics, health, love, friendships, and many more.

I have been in various art activities in the city. I completed two programs in high school from the Art Directors Club, where they choose 50 qualified students from the five boroughs to participate a hands on learning experience about logo design and meet people who are very passionate in making art. I won a scholarship program from The Cooper Union to participate an intense one month long art intensive program, specifically for graphic design and drawing. I have received The Jeremy Medal, The Golden Eight Medal, and The Wolfied scholarship from the Star Art League in high school. One of my pieces was hanged at The Megan Museum of Art, as I was part of the Joss Found art competition finalists. Ultimately, I received the gold medal of fine arts in our high school. I reached out to popular social media pet accounts and made illustrations to put on a shirt and helped a local dog shelter in Manhattan from the profits made.

My determination and commitment in art led me to the right direction. I believe that I have the skill set necessary to achieve what I have already started. I think Fashion Institute of Technology will help my vision come true and make history. I had a remarkable and outstanding background in the arts and I am looking forward to learn more and share my ideas in the future.

Holt [Contributor] - / 7,857 2141  
Nov 13, 2018   #2
Sarah. would you consider flipping the first and last paragraph positions in the essay? I feel like the essay will be stronger and more notable once you start it off on a positive note. That way, the current opening paragraph helps you to close the essay on a more hopeful and determined note, which can help it stand out in the memory of the reviewer. You may also want to consider naming the social media pet accounts and the name of the dog shelter, just in case the reviewer decides that these pieces of information are worth doing a follow-up on. Overall, the presentation is strong, personal, and highly insightful. The fact that you have all of these scholarships and awards to mention makes you a clear contender for admission to the university. I don't see why the reviewer might think otherwise. Everything about your skills shows a high level of professional expertise even though you have yet to become a true professional or receive professional training as a college student.

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