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Coming from a third-world country& raised by a widowed Mom;Re-admission personal statement

UchennaObikile 1 / -  
Sep 2, 2013   #1
Please see attached my drafted essay. I got academically dismissed and I've been at home for one semester. I am now eligible to apply and would like to get help .

there is also a copy below

In the spring of 2013, I was involved in a disciplinary situation; after a hearing, I was asked to leave Lewis Hall. All through the period between the hearing, the verdict, and afterwards, I did not attend regular therapy sessions, pay attention to my classes and coursework, and I failed to take Dean Pieronek's advice to drop some classes I knew I would not be able to cope with. At the end of the semester I earned a GPA of 0.907 which is below the minimum GPA required for upperclassmen to remain in good standing. I wrote an appeal letter as soon as I as informed of my impending dismissal. The appeal was denied and I was dismissed.

When I broke the news to my mother, she said: "No matter what happens, I still love and will always support you." She became my anchor and source of emotional support, taking time off from work to ensure that I found the right therapist and a good tutor. When I began therapy sessions with Dr Maymunah- Kadiri, a psychologist at Pinnacle Medical Services, Lagos, I realized that I did not carry my mother along from the very beginning, because I forgot that she loves me, even above my mistakes. With time and counseling, I began to remember the words of advice and encouragement I received from other people who would be in best position to help me out of the ditch that I created singlehandedly. I had not listened, allowed myself to withdraw from everyone that could help me, and ended up horribly. With Dr. Kadiri's help, I began to understand that I must learn to take each dart life throws at me with a positive attitude. She was able to make me understand that I had a very distant relationship with my family that needed to be remedied, in order to have good relationships with other people. My therapist's will mail directly, a comprehensive report of the development of my mental health over period of my therapy sessions with her.

I enrolled in a tutoring program at the University of Lagos, Nigeria, being taught by Engr. Muhammed Hisham. The purpose of this tutoring class was to evaluate my knowledge of Circuit analysis, Digital Systems and Calculus, which are some of the fundamentals of Electrical Engineering. Engr. Hisham's report, which he will also email directly, contains his evaluation of my demonstrated strength in these areas. I do intend to remain in Electrical Engineering. I am currently applying for an internship position at Addax Oil; this will be a great resume builder and work experience opportunity. In my spare time, I view online Lectures for Linear Algebra, one of the courses I failed last spring, participate in a bible and faith-sharing group called LA187, and spend quality time with family.

It has really been a reflective period for me. I recognize, coming from a third-world country and being raised by a widowed mother, that I am incredibly privileged to have been given the opportunity to study at Notre Dame. I must now take my future into my hands; and if I am given the opportunity to continue at Notre Dame, I must commit to making sure that every decision I make will be a positive step in the direction of developing into a culturally aware engineer who will excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the Notre Dame community, Thank you.
fahadbd 25 / 56 5  
Sep 3, 2013   #2
he became my anchor and source of emotional mental support

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