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Common App and how to start the art supplement?

ULL 3 / 18  
Jan 11, 2009   #1
Do I need to enter the commn app for the school that I have already enter the School's application? does any one know how to do the ART SUPPLEMENT on common app?

zowzow 10 / 175  
Jan 11, 2009   #2
by that do u mean that you have already applied using the school's application? then you should not send another one through common app, they will get confused as they will receive two applications instead of one.
Linnus 6 / 89  
Jan 11, 2009   #3
The art supplement differs from school to school. You should check the school's website or call the admission office and ask.

If you have already applied using the school's application, then like zowzow said, you do not need to submit another application using the common app. Remember, if you use the school's application, you also need to use the school's teacher evaluation form, counselor's form, etc.
OP ULL 3 / 18  
Jan 11, 2009   #4
thankx ZOWZOW,

I am applying for another school through CommonApp now. But I don't know how to do the ART SUPPLEMENT part... they said to give a web address which they can view my work (10 minutes).

but they also so a portfolio requirement already, its almost of if they want me to do the same work twice...

or do they want the portfoilo which has 20 pieces... then the supplement, which has different materials then that of the portfolio...I don't have that many "good" pieces
zowzow 10 / 175  
Jan 11, 2009   #5
its best to ask your university
if your portfolio is on the web, i.e. your own website, then they want to see that
if not i think you indicate that you have sent the porfolio via mail

i'm not so sure though because i'm not a art person so i had nothing to do with this bit lol
dooolele 3 / 15  
Jan 11, 2009   #6
i am applying to art schools also, and i dont think they would want you to send in another 20 pieces for the supplement.
the schools i looked at want the portfolio either sent (mail/emaild) to them or provided through a website where they can view your portfolio.

i have not done the common app art sup though, so i am not sure about your situation.
OP ULL 3 / 18  
Jan 11, 2009   #7
Do you have any recommendation on what kind of program I could use to upload extra/ other work for the supplement?

Where are you applying to dooolele?
menamilad /  
Jan 11, 2009   #8
you could do the Athlete supplement
OP ULL 3 / 18  
Jan 11, 2009   #9
I could but, I'm really bad at sports... I would like to think of myself as a sporty and enthusiastic person though...:}
menamilad /  
Jan 11, 2009   #10
then good luck :)
kbros9193 3 / 6  
Jan 11, 2009   #11
u r supposed to sent art supplements through the mail... at least i thought
OP ULL 3 / 18  
Jan 14, 2009   #12
Visual art is one of my first interests that have influenced my current decisions. I would always have my favorite Safari Animals coloring book at my side, and with the support of my parents I've been involve in the field of art all of my life. My parents are very considerate, and always give me space and quiet when I am drawing or painting. My cousin, Tammy, also play a large influence in my life. Because of the influence of my cousin who exposed me the world of three-dimensional design, I have realized that there is another field of art call architecture. Architecture combines both of the activities I love the most; two dimensional drawings, and constructing crafty items. My experience from the first architecture class has made me realize that this is the field I want to pursue.

Wellesley College will help me pursue what I love most, by allowing me to explore the world of architecture and its related fields in a familiar atmosphere like that of my hometown. The college's campus is beautiful with a near by picturesque lake, grassy pastures and lovely forest; an architectural statement itself. I also like the small and cozy classroom size. I know that I work best in a small group and with the close interaction with the professor; I will be able to succeed academically and most importantly, my major. I believe that architecture is more than an art form, but it has the qualities to bring people together. I am sure that the influence of a close community relationship that is demonstrated at Wellesley College, I will learn how to design housing for communities that would make a difference in others' lives. At Wellesley College, my future is ensured because of the impressive academic resources and high-tech facilities that the undergraduate institution offers to its students.

The prompt is to talk about why I would want to apply there...excuse the corniness---Do I ave enough about the college and not just about me?
zowzow 10 / 175  
Jan 14, 2009   #13
I think you need to strenghten your introduction and draw better linkage into your second paragraph. Although it is perfectly fine to begin talking about your major of choice and your influence towards it, I don't think that your parents or cousins needs to be mentioned as your influenced.

Personally i'd describe your passion for art more rather than listing the support you have had. And second paragraph, as everyone always says, theres nothing wrong with being more specific. Mention a special program or professor etc

good luck
Zuhayr90 2 / 13  
Jan 14, 2009   #14
What does portfolio path means?
last_min_girl 2 / 6  
Jan 24, 2009   #15
I thought the commonapp art supplement is only asking for a URL which have your art works presented... in whatever ways. What I am gonna do is post some photos of my works on my facebook/bebo? Will it work?? o.Oa

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