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(Common Good brings change) Bowdoin Supplement

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Dec 30, 2010   #1
Everyone may have different definitions of the Common Good but to me it's a name to bring a change. I believe societies are not mine, not yours, not theirs but ours. In understanding the purpose of life, I have drawn a conclusion that we are here to make a change. I surely believe that I am gifted with an ability to inspire and lead others for our common good.

Last year when I volunteered to teach the juniors, I learned a lot from that experience. I learned that in order for students to understand the theories in a better way and to keep their interest in lessons, one needs to be an inspiring teacher. I started to bring in humor, discussions and at times made up stories of my experience as a student. The class was no longer a routine class with half the students waiting for recess bell to ring, rather an experience which is an inspiring memory for me. As a result my class students used to attend an extra Saturday's session as it was more than a learning experience; we shared good and bad experiences ranging from mobile phone bills to pocket money while applying all the theoretical accounting techniques.

I still plan to participate in any opportunity where I can help to bring a change in students thinking, to give them an out of a box experience. Not only this, I can also simply start to be a part of volunteer teams promoting health benefits of organic foods. As we know obesity is a problem in America.

We cannot afford to wait for someone else to help us. Everyone has to do their part - we can bring together people of good will and good common sense to play their parts. According to my belief this duty is not mine, not yours, not theirs but ours and we have to stand for it! Bowdoin is a university which is already doing the task of common good by asking the new applicants to share their experiences.

Woodrow T. Wilson - American 28th President of the United States
rightly says :
There is no higher religion than human service. To work for the common good is the greatest creed.

I have to cut it short because it exceeds the limit with 120 words. please tell me what to exclude and from where.
Dead line is today. Please help.

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