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'community contains a strong motivation' - UPenn Supplement

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Jan 1, 2012   #1
Ok so I just started this. It's just a rough draft, but I need to get it done! SUGGESTIONS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!

Considering both the specific undergraduate school to which you are applying and the unique aspects of the University of Pennsylvania, what do you hope to learn from and contribute to the Penn community?

Intellectual professors, rigorous education, and a diverse student population. The Penn community contains a strong motivation that I find valuable and unique. Passionate professors inspire the students to truly become engaged in learning the material and make the classes fun and interesting. Exposure to different cultures and studies from a diverse student population can increase awareness and broaden one's knowledge. Having completed two international community service trips, I testify that learning and experiencing a foreign culture is very rewarding. Listening to stories from the natives and interacting with students in El Salvador and Indonesia were both amazing adventures. Deriving from a Mexican family, it's not normal for a girl my age to move away to college, much less move across the country. I have always felt limited by our strict values; however, when I became part of Summer Search, an organization that supports low-income students, I took the first detour in the paved road that was meant to be my life. I am proud to be constructing my unique avenue that will lead to the life I dream of having. The Penn curriculum offers me the chance to explore my options intellectually. I look forward to studying business at the Wharton School, or international relations in the College of Arts and Sciences. The flexibility at Penn allows me to pursue my degree through my own personalized path. Penn offers an abundance of resources to pursue my interests on a larger scale, whether it is by studying the economic trends in Paris, or obtaining an internship at The World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia. Penn, with its support for study abroad programs, will aggrandize my understanding of the world, not just through courses, but furthermore with its diverse student body and first-hand experiences. As a multilingual student, University of Pennsylvania is the appropriate university to enhance my ability to learn foreign tongues. Penn will guide me through a globally focused education and study abroad opportunities-the path to the international career I desperately yearn for.

Individually, I would try to incorporate the knowledge I've learned from my past international experiences to the Penn community. I would become another member of the community and do my part to try to fully engage in everything the campus has to offer. I always envisioned myself at a university similar to the ones portrayed in movies. Going to the big game on Friday night, getting involved in a sorority, and becoming involved with school clubs are some ways I will interact with the student body. Attending the University of Pennsylvania will give me the opportunity to experience all that and more. With my background in international experiences, I am more open-minded and accepting of foreign cultures and customs. Keeping in mind the large amount of international students and socioeconomic diversity at Penn, I would engage with the student body very successfully. Working hard to maintaining a high GPA, I would transfer that ambition into my college classes and put just as much effort, if not more, into my courses.

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