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Compare taking traditional classes (classroom only) to online classes

alina967 11 / 29  
Nov 22, 2009   #1
Today an online class and traditional class are two choice for students. Sometimes students confuse to decide that which class is better for them. The traditional class and an online class offer interesting three points of similarities and difference to the students in three area of environment of classroom, teaching instruments, and communication to the students. Students have a good study environment in traditional ...
Jeannie 10 / 214  
Nov 22, 2009   #2
Hi, Archana,
I began trying to help edit this, but I have to be honest; most of the sentences are structured in such a way as to render them incomprehensible. My advise is to write each sentence again as a very simple sentence - a noun, a verb, maybe a modifier - and then re-read your essay and organize the ideas. After you do this, you can build on the sentences to form more coherent thoughts and pictures.I hope this helps! I will be looking for a revised copy to help with.


Psst< I have been an online student for over a year, and I can tell you with utter conviction that traditional classroom instruction is far superior unless you enjoy paying a ton of money to teach yourself everything. Your writing will only improve if you work really hard at learning it on your own; by the time a "facilitator" gets back to you, your homework is late...10% off for each day late! Furthermore, you get your grade and feedback two weeks after you handed it in, and by then you have already made the same errors on papers you had to submit in the interim. It's like a nightmare, frankly. I would not recommend it except to those who are willing to put in four hours a day, seven days a week per class, and who are exceptionally self-motivated and have the skills needed to write >4000 words per week without warm-bodied instruction. If you or anyone knows of a University that offers a different scenario, please tell me so I can switch! :) Thank God for this site!
margarita 8 / 25  
Nov 22, 2009   #3
Today,an online classes and traditional classes are two choices for students. Sometimes students are confusedtoabout decidingthat which class is better for them to take . The traditional class and an online class offer interesting three points of similarities and differences to the students in three area of environment of classroom, teaching instruments, and communication to the students.

Students have a good study environment in traditional classes whereas an online class can be taken at any place Students, who study outside of the classroom face problems as distractions and disturbance in study while studing. As an example if students are studying at home,they are disturbed by noise of family members, noise of machines such as TV, radios and mixtures. In my opinion, because students need appropriate context to concentrate on a subject, the traditional classessuit best providing a good study environment without being disturbed.

Other point is that old classes are fixed buildings so that they can not moved here or there. In other words students have to transfer or migrate to study in class. Unlike the old class, an online class can attend at any place by the computer with internet connection. Here is no matter of how far students are living. They don't have to come at college for lectures or study. There is no issue of trans portion for students. Another difference is that old classes have schedule of classes, which is decided by college administration, somehow online classes schedule can decided by students. The next point of learning instruments is that a traditional class has a teacher, blackboards, notebooks to write,in contrast with the online class has teacher,blackboards, computer to get online, projector, and big screen.An online class has more facilities, which is use for show images,present ion, listening lectures and poems. One example is that teacher says polar bears live in the coolest part of the world,the North Pole,then students have to imagine that a polar bear named animal lives on the North Pole in traditional class. The online class has advanced technology to show the image of polar bear on big screen by using a computer and projector. This whole procedure happens in less than a minute. As this way students can easily understand and remember hard topics. One important point is that communication between student and teacher. Old class students ask questions during the lecture, after it or before it; they can get answer immediately. Sometimes if teacher is busy then they take appointment to get information or answers about study. Conversely,online class students write their questions and e-mail to the teacher. After some time or later they get their answers,as this way their writing skills also improve. Another difference is that students can ask questions at any time,and notes are also available on website of online class. One example is that if learners miss one lecture, they have to ask other students or teacher about that lecture They couldn't see the notes of that lecture except if they ask to others. In summary,an online class is more convenient, and it has more facilities compared to an old class. It is depend on students which class they prefer to learn. I believe that technology is useful to learn anything in 20th century. Students should join the online class to learn easy.
OP alina967 11 / 29  
Dec 1, 2009   #4
Thank you Margarita and Jeannie.
I will do that correction in my assignment and I appreciate you for your proofreading.

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