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Competitiveness, Biochemistry Major, Professors, Diligent Peers; TRANSFER OBJECTIVES

ApolloEzra 2 / 3  
Jan 20, 2013   #1
Please provide a statement (appr. 250-500 words) that addresses your reasons for transferring and the objectives you hope to achieve.

Education and knowledge have always been of the highest importance to me. Education does not begin with formal schooling, and it does not end at a university. Education can come from numerous areas in life. However, a university education may be one of the most sufficient and mind-stimulating ways to achieve a higher level of enlightenment and consciousness. As opposed to most of the people that are in the midst of the "rat race" to earn a degree, I am not doing it for the simple recognition of graduating from a university or college. I am doing it for personal cultivation, for edification, and for the sake of future generations.

I have learned a lot of things from being at a community college over the past few months. Though I have made friends at my current school; community college does not offer the competitive, yet amiable atmosphere that I desire at the schools that I am currently applying to, also the school does not offer my desired major of biochemistry. It is necessary for me to transfer to a four-year university to obtain my bachelor's degree and to take part in research. The next adventure of my life is upon me where I must challenge myself amongst the great young minds of America, and of the world. I have encountered people with ambitions and dreams that rival my own; it is time to pursue my own aspirations and to fulfill that of which I envision myself doing.

I believe that the duty of every person is to leave the world in a better state than that of which they arrived. My passion for science is intensely rivaled by my passion for altruism. Molecular biology has the potential to solve many problems that cripple our society today such as genetic diseases, cancers, and viruses. These concerns are what I plan to confront, and this is the reason for my transfer to an elite university with resources and aspirations geared towards actualizing the solutions to these problems through efficient instruction and research.

I am impassioned by the unknown and seemingly incomprehensible tendencies of the cosmos, and I believe that we are fortunate to be alive during an exciting age of information. Extravagant theories of parallel universes and quantum theory are zealously researched; the opportunities for scientific breakthroughs are ubiquitous. These scientific breakthroughs could possibly change the perception of the human race for the rest of its existence. Biology, chemistry, physics, and astronomy collectively make up my passion for life, and I know that the scientific research that I envision myself taking part in, can help make the world a better place.

At a university that is dedicated to offering the knowledge and tools necessary to better the future generations of our beautiful planet; I have the ability to excel in the field of science, specifically biology. My dedication compliments my curiosity, and my potential will not be wasted. At a high level university, in an environment of ardent professors and diligent peers, my mind will be elevated and furthermore become thoroughly refined.

jpsmyth 7 / 21 2  
Jan 21, 2013   #2
really good, you should confident but I don't think its to the point where you sound arrogant. definitely separate into paragraphs when submitting if you haven't already. sounds like you are applying to some elite schools, best of luck!

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