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Computer game/ Common App; Significant Experience

amaterrapper 3 / 3 1  
Dec 30, 2012   #1
Hello guys, when i read all the prompts in the website, i am not so sure which one my essay falls into, still wavering between "A significant experience" one and "Topic of your choice". I am open to criticism, and any help would be much appreciated.

Also, just give me the link of your essay if you want my opinion! Best of luck to all!

How computer game means to me.

For many, computer game alludes to a hobby; for me, it teaches and inspires. I've played computer game ever since I knew how to turn on a computer, and so close is our relationship that it shapes my view of the world.

Computer game is dangerous since it produces addicts. In secondary school I was immersed in an online game; I dreamed of it day and night; I invested all of my allowance into it; I never signed up for extracurricular classes; my holidays were mostly spent on internet battles. This addiction, not surprisingly, soon ruined my study and family relationship. However, I did not awake to those harmful consequences until I nearly failed the Highschool entrance exam. My senses were finally alert to the dangerous path I was taking, and they resolutely commanded me to act. What painful experience was rehabilitation! After having sobered for a while, I realized that life consists of two elements: passion and obligation, and it is crucial that one keeps the balance between them. In my case, passion was left unchecked and thus almost destroyed my life in turn.

But why would I be passionate about computer game? I figured out part of the answer in Highschool where I met most of my close friends through playing the same game. In other words, we shared the same passion, and that passion, despite its various origins, created ties of brotherhood we cherished more than the game itself. That said, living in a conservative country like Viet Nam gives me another reason to pursue computer game: it teaches me defiance. Most Vietnamese considers computer game as a type of social evil due to serious effects it has on the youth and, therefore, suggest strict regulations or even a ban on computer game. With the damage I agree because I myself have been a victim, though not one of computer game, but one of weak judgment. You can't blame cocaine for its existence, you can't only blame factors leading to its addiction, and the same applies to computer game. For me, playing means more than having a good time with my friends, it demonstrates the will and power of an individual to defy society and its norms.

Throughout my life, computer game has resembled a friend from the start, then to a devil, and now a sage spirit. It has thus provided me with friendship, strengthened my character, and given me the means to defy. Looking back, it is amazing how a simple hobby could come to possess such powerful implications.

redrobinson 2 / 3  
Dec 31, 2012   #2
I thought your essay was really funny,
your personality definitely shinned through.

Try to stress more about how gaming has shaped your view of the world.
Did change your views?
Or manipulate them towards a particular mindset?
jfloyd1879 4 / 10  
Dec 31, 2012   #3
I'm not sure you why don't speak of games plurally, but instead you leave it singular which doesn't seem grammatically correct. Consequently, I would change the title to "What computer games mean to me"

For many, a computer game alludes to a hobby. F or me, it teaches and inspires. I've played computer games ever since I knew how to turn on a computer, and so close is our relationship that it shapes my view of the world.

Good work but reread it to insure that it sounds right to you.
OP amaterrapper 3 / 3 1  
Dec 31, 2012   #4
Thank you guys a lot. :D Happy new years by the way!

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