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Computer Science...Intership and volunteer work

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Oct 26, 2009   #1
Academic History:

Tell us about your college career to date, describing your performance, educational path and choices.

Educational Challenges / Personal Hardships:

I appreciate any suggestions.

To The Admissions Committee:

I never fit into the typical girlish image. As a youth I played with dolls and had tea parties with other girls, but I was unusually consumed by activities that were commonly considered a boy's domain. I muddied my clothes, climbed to nauseatingly high tree tops, played hours of video games, and tinkered with computers. Despite the generalized concept that girls were not as technically savvy as boys, I quickly grew passionate about the artistic value of video games and the logical nature of computers. My family survived off of my father's social security disabilities check, so we could not afford the high tech luxuries I craved in my earlier years. On my friends' computers, I taught myself how to type, surf the web, use programs, and repair simple technical problems. When I finally reached an employable age I worked to save up enough money to invest in a computer. As an adult my creativity, talents, and logical abilities were polished through hands on computer work for a college and volunteer work for a significantly special group of people.

At Clover Park Technical College my instructor gave me exciting news of an opportunity for me to work alongside the administrators of the school. The school committee was looking for someone to design a simple database using Microsoft Access and was offering an internship to someone who was qualified for the job. A year before I decided to study programming at Clover Park, I was enrolled in the Database Management program at Bates Technical College. My instructor at Clover Park told me that I was more qualified than my peers and encouraged me to take the opportunity. I was nervous about accepting the offer to say the least but the project offered me irresistible challenges and prestige. I designed a database that functioned to track articulation agreements between Clover Park and other colleges. It was a highly challenging project. I worked such long hours at the school they practically had to kick me out of the classroom on a nightly basis. I obsessively took notes at committee meetings. And the project followed me home every night as I could not stop thinking about it and working on it well into the late hours of the day. Balancing class time and homework was frustrating, but somehow I successfully managed my time. The work was hard, the hours were long, but I enjoyed taking ideas from people and using my talents to mold them into a successful creation. It was truly satisfying and the committee was pleased with my work.

Volunteer work allowed me to enjoy the more artistic side of computers. Using music programs, I assisted my father in entertaining mentally challenged people at the special dances that were put on for them. My sister who is mentally challenged was our inspiration. My father and I put on holiday dances and brought my sister along so she could meet new friends. It was a pleasure to watch my sister mingle and dance with other people who were a part of her community. Having a mentally challenged sister and working with her community gave me natural compassion and sensitivity towards people who possess different backgrounds. In the near future, I plan to become a volunteer for the Tacoma Area Coalition for Individuals with Disabilities(TACID) with their computer recourses department. This facility needs volunteers who have experience with computers to assist mentally disabled people with computer applications. The organization also needs skilled individuals who can rebuild computers for the mentally handicapped. In the distant future I may be qualified enough to offer this volunteer service to them.

My educational history demonstrates that I have what takes to succeed in computer science. But unfortunately at times I have encountered serious obstacles. I completed a rigorous high school program called Fresh Start offered at Tacoma Community College. My grades improved drastically in high school over a period of time. Unfortunately my grades became erratic in college because I started to suffer with alcohol addiction. Some grades do not reflect my true dedication to my field of study. I left school six months ago to receive treatment from SPARCS inpatient treatment and I am now ready to work hard to achieve my goals. As a student I can offer the University of Washington my dedication to making small but significant impacts on the community, and the school can offer me the intellectual means to achieve this goal. Thank you for your consideration for my application.

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Oct 26, 2009   #2
I'm not sure you need to mention the alcohol part at the end. These people don't know you, and unfortunately, that could prejudice their opinion of you. Of course if they ask, tell them the truth. But I think you can gloss over that with a more generic something that will explain the grades without telling them something that may be perceived negatively.

The rest of your essay describes a wonderful and talented student. Let the essay be that. It was a wonderful read.
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Oct 27, 2009   #3
I love computer programming too and your essay sounds wonderful.
Your dedication to programming really shines through in your essay
just a small grammer problem

I worked such long hours at the school that they practically had to kick me out of the classroom on a nightly basis.

Good luck!! =)

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