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I considered Emory University for its academics: Emory essay

yaywriting 1 / -  
Nov 24, 2009   #1
Hey, Emory's supplement on the common app asks why I want to go there besides the location, size, and weather.
Can I please get feedback on whether it's good/ways I can improve? Thanks!

Here's the essay:

Above all, I considered Emory University for its academics. I found that my interest in political science only increased after learning about Emory's opportunities in that field, among others. The Bard Semester seems like a great opportunity for a student to explore and gain expertise in various fields. Looking at previous places where students have interned, my confidence that I will find a place and a program that fits my desires is solidified. It is evident that most students put forth significant efforts in research and internships. Maybe that is the why the school's unofficial mascot is Dooley; he seems to represent the typical college student ï overworked to the bone. But while Dooley works hard, he finds time to enjoy his college experience, as is evident by his appearances throughout campus.

Emory students confirm their resemblance to Dooley through their active participation in campus and community events. While traditional learning is probably the most important aspect of a college, I believe one should connect to the society and make an impact on their world. At Emory, I think I would have a chance to help the school and Atlanta community through journalism and volunteer organizations. I can also immerse myself in cultural activities and learn about other ethnicities thanks to Emory's diverse student body. As someone from two different cultures I am interested in learning about other people's experiences and views on dissimilar customs. With an Emory education, I feel I can expand my knowledge and benefit the society in return.

pcvrz34g 22 / 117  
Nov 25, 2009   #2
My sister was admitted to Emory last year. For this topic, the college is seeing if you really "know" Emory. Research a heck load of things about Emory in the area you're interested in. Don't only focus on departments, professors, etc. that revolve around your major but delve into your hobbies too. If you like singing, maybe you can research something about the music department and how they have chorus workshops open to the public.

You can stick to your essay, but that's what my sister did and she got in. (:
She ended up not going there though... Emory is a great school academically but a bad school socially. No football.. No school spirit... But hey!, Emory is ranked really high. And I love their business building.. (:

If you're interested in their medical program, they have REALLY good opportunities for research/labs.
I'll stop rambling now. Byebye (:

P.S.: I'm glad you wrote about Dooley. Heard Dooley's a HUGE thing there.

Oh, and one important thing: you might want to write your real name to avoid plagiarism.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Nov 26, 2009   #3
Hello yaywriting, your cool personality is too good for this unenthusiastic part:
I found that my interest in political science only increased ... kind of dull!! Do you have a subtly increasing interest in pol. sci, or is it an obsession that is causing you to read one journal after another. Do you follow politics? Show some knowledge!

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