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Cornell Hotel School Supplement Essay; 'captivated by the glamorous hotel life'

collegebound123 1 / 3 1  
Oct 30, 2012   #1
Thank you so much!! :)

Prompt: What work and non-work experiences, academic interests, and career goals influenced your decision to study hospitality management? How will these contribute to your success at the School of Hotel Administration?

The first thing I noticed as I stepped through the revolving doors of Galaxy Hotel in Macau was an extravagant waterfall of shimmering crystals that glowed in a beautiful rainbow of colors. Entranced by the splendor, I walked straight into a glass door. With a sharp cry I stepped back, face red with embarrassment and glared daggers at the door. This was one of my memorable experiences in a hotel.

Ever since I was young, I have always been captivated by the glamorous hotel life. However, as with other things in life, there will always be blood, sweat and tears behind all the world of glitz and glam. I believe that in order to succeed in this industry, leadership, organizational and problem-solving skills are required. This is quite similar to my experience as a committee member for Global Issues Network Conference Hong Kong. Being one of the conference coordinators was a huge commitment- while I juggled with the endless piles of schoolwork and college applications, I still volunteered to stay after school a few days a week to draft proposals for school annual funds, write to companies for sponsorships and contact charities organizations for service trips. Despite a few small crises and numerous hectic phone calls, the conference managed to end on a perfect note. Organizing this conference not only taught me how to manage finances, draft proposals and communicate with other people; it also taught me the importance of team work. Without the cooperation of the different departments, the conference would not have been as successful. This experience has allowed me to enhance my social, management, planning and quick-thinking skills critical to the hospitality industry.

By chance I recently came across a blog written by a Cornell Hotelie Jenna Bromberg and have since been an avid follower of her blog. I was inspired by Jenna's daily anecdotes of student life at Cornell, especially her summer internship on the Plaza Hotel project at Great Performances, one of New York City's most reputable catering and special events companies. Jenna not only had the opportunity to be involved with different departments in the company, she was also able to interact with lots of high-end clients. Jenna's experience pointed out to me that this was just one of the many opportunities Cornell provides. Similar to Jenna's internship, Cornell's Hotel Leadership Development Program also allows students to explore different departments at the Statler Hotel. Being exposed to so many different branches, students can delve in a variety of skills and find where their true interests lie. Cornell School of Hotel Administration will enable me to acquire a wide range of skills, meet lots of different people and most importantly, gain invaluable experiences. Perhaps I might also be lucky enough to have more pleasant memories of the hotel industry other than slamming into glass doors.

historyfreak13 4 / 11  
Nov 1, 2012   #2
I think u did this wonderfully. THough I would add some aspects of show not tell in some parts, the rest I think does a fantastic job. It gets right to the point and u state ur goals really well. Thanks for ur feedback btw:) Good Luck

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