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Cornell Essay - interests in economics

hbinjo 4 / 4  
Dec 26, 2008   #1
Please Help me edit the essay.
Please say whatever U like or dislike about the essay
Thank You.

Describe your intellectual interests, their evolution, and what makes them exciting to you. Tell us how you will utilize the academic programs in the College of Arts and Sciences to further explore your interests, intended major, or field of study. (500 Words)

Why is currency changing every day? How is price of our house changes every month? These were the questions I had growing up. I have always been unconsciously interested in economics. I've had many questions from simple marketing and tax laws of government's economic policy to insurance and investment. I found many economic activities around me interesting: Coupons fast food restaurants give out, election debates between Barack Obama and John McCain about new tax rules and solution for failing economy, my dad's insurance money from his cancer, and my parents fund investments. After learning economics in school, I developed my knowledge in the area of economics and I was pleased to have my questions answered.

The coupons or rebate any store releases supposed to attract more customer to maximize the store's profit. The arguments of economics in politics are the representations of conflicts between adamant ideologies. The moneys insurance company gives out are calculated with actuarial science to maximize the company's profit while managing the risk involved in insurance business. My parent's investment on foreign funds supply capital to foreign companies so that they could develop and maintain their business and my parents can benefit from the company's increasing revenue.

Since I accumulated some knowledge in economics, I began to habitually notice economic applications in the real world. I gathered my knowledge of economics from discussions in classes, issues in newspaper, and in my daily life. The excitement of knowing parts of economics that I had not known made me to read economics section before the sports section when reading the newspaper.

These interests in economics led me to work for a financial company last summer. While working there, I had chance to talk to a head manager of department. I asked, using my modicum knowledge of economics, what economical government policy works best, comparing Reaganomics and great society programs. The manager replied smiling, "There is no such perfect economic policy; policy is modified to bring best impact at a given situation." I was shocked by his answer. I have always thought economic policy was mere political preference, and there were not much complicated applications adapted to the area of economics. But I found out the area of economics had no limits. Since that day, I have determined to major in economics and become a practical and broad-minded economist who can think innovatively to overcome the challenges of the unpredictable economical situation.

Cornell's undergraduate liberal arts program is perfect program for me. I can utilize the broad range of economic courses Cornell offers, and involved in various extracurricular activities such as Cornell's economic society and its forums. I would also utilize Cornell's vibrant research environment to educate myself as an innovative economist. Also, I would greatly benefit from diverse student body in Cornell by communicating with students with different background and learning unique worlds each student brings. Last of all, I want to be challenged through Cornell's renowned liberal arts education and develop successful career and unique character.

imike 3 / 20  
Dec 26, 2008   #2
shows your interest in your major passionately, good job

Why is currency changing every day? How is price of our house changes every month? These were the questions I had growing up. I have always been unconsciously interested in economics.------ This is more of a conscious understanding of your interest in economics, not an unconscious one

You should go in a little deeper about how cornell will accommodate your interests
OP hbinjo 4 / 4  
Dec 26, 2008   #3
Thank You imike.
I really appreciate it!

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