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The courses of study and the unique characteristics - Upenn essay

wongxy 14 / 53  
Oct 11, 2008   #1
It's kinda lengthy as usual ><. Please help me see if it's answering the prompt too cuz I feel it's a little straying away from it.

I'm quite doubtful of the benchmark of 'good match'. Does it mean how I can contribute to Penn or how I can align my interests to what Penn can offer (ie. how Penn can contribute to me).

Prompt: Describe the courses of study and the unique characteristics of the University of Pennsylvania that most interest you. Why do these interests make you a good match for Penn? [max one page]

The wide range of subjects that Wharton offers intrigues me, as there are several concentrations that appeal to me. I am most interested in business and public policy as it has the greatest relevance to the management of a nation. Singapore is known for its very open economy. In the face of globalization, much more policy planning is needed as markets get increasingly integrated. Hence, as a Singaporean, I would like to take up a concentration in relation to public policy so that I can contribute significantly to my nation.

Finance, particularly portfolio management, is another of my interests. With the ageing population crisis that Singapore is facing, it is ever more important for people to manage their finances well so that they may enjoy retirement or support their elder dependants. Having worked at a private investment firm as a personal assistant, the importance of fund management has become more striking to me. Currently, most people who engage personal financial advisors are those who have sufficient money for retirement and simply want to accumulate more wealth through investments. Yet, the people who need the most help are those who are vaguely trying to get by. I believe that by working with finance professors at Wharton, I would be able to gain insights on the feasibility and implementation of strategies to help the truly needy in the future.

Besides, I am interested in environmental policy and management. Global warming has become a pertinent problem plaguing the world nowadays. Thus, I feel that we must be accountable to the environment while sustaining businesses. As a Geography student, I feel very strongly for environmental conservation and hope to be in a better position to advocate for it. I believe that Wharton would be able to provide me with the knowledge and training to meet this aim.

I am eager to be engaged in the research programs that Wharton takes much pride in. I feel that research is a challenging way for students to wholly grasp a topic and encourage independent learning. This will serve as good practice for the intense report writing we will probably encounter in our future careers. Being part of the Raffles Integrated Program has allowed me to constantly be involved in research. Producing small-scale reports formed part of my grades especially in my junior high school years. With project work and research studies forming a core part of my curriculum, I have also been trained in generating in-depth reports. As I intend to embark on an independent study at Wharton, my past experiences coupled with the research resources that Wharton offers will enable me to produce much more insightful work than before. This will greatly enrich my time at Wharton.

I like the fact that Wharton gives its students opportunities to learn abroad. I believe that experiential learning is far more effective than learning within the classroom. I am especially keen on the Wharton International Program, mainly due to the understanding of culture and communication involved. Wharton precisely aims to develop these skills which will help students succeed in the real world. Part of understanding culture lies in the understanding of its language. Thus, being effectively bilingual in English and Chinese, as well as having adequate mastery of French, allows me to have the linguistic capability to reap the most benefits out of these programs.

Among Wharton's wide array of extra-curricular activities, I am particularly interested in those related to serving the community. These include Alpha Kappa Psi, Penn International Business Volunteers and Social Impact Consulting Group. I feel that in life, no matter what role we play, we should always try to contribute to society. This is even more important in business - enterprises should practice social corporate responsibility and give back to society what they have earned from it. In my senior high school years, I have constantly engaged in service to the school, community and co-curricular activity. Serving has morphed into a mission in my life simply because I find meaning in doing so. With my passion in service, I would be able to contribute much to Wharton's non-academic life and uphold the spirit of volunteering that Wharton has established.

To conclude, I feel that Wharton is able to provide me with a conducive learning environment to pursue my interests. I am also able to contribute to Wharton through its non-academic activities. This interdependent relationship definitely allows for a holistic education experience that I hope to be given an opportunity to embark on.
EF_Team5 - / 1,586  
Oct 11, 2008   #2
Good morning.

In regards to the prompt, they are asking what program(s) you are interested in at this institution and why this interest in this program(s) is suitable for the university. They want to make sure that you are a student that will fit in with their image, their ideals, and their standards. In a very obvious example, a future banker would not study at Julliard; as such, Penn wants to make sure that they have a course of study that will be appropriate for your goals. You don't have to narrow it to courses only; they ask about unique characteristics of the campus. That means location, student body, staff, extracurricular programs, etc. If a prospective student is from a small rural town, are they sure they want to attend a large, urban school? Are there things to do on and off campus that meet your interests? Things like that.

"...Alpha Kappa Psi, Penn International Business Volunteers, and the Social Impact Consulting Group..."

I also suggest you run the piece through a spell-checking program before submitting it.

The content looks like it is a good response to the prompt. You explain what interests you and how specifically the university will meet your needs, as well as your career goals. You talk about extracurricular activities, demonstrating that you intend to be active in campus life. Your introduction could use a little fine tuning as it is a little too vague compared to the pinpoint accuracy you provide throughout the rest of the essay, and you have a good conclusion. Keep up the good work.

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OP wongxy 14 / 53  
Oct 11, 2008   #3
Alright. Points noted. Thanks! :)
stimpsimp 6 / 37  
Dec 18, 2008   #4
Sorry I gotta do this but I gotta break it to you. It's too long. I checked it and its like a page and what? 3/4? Nice going with the essay but I think you should try and find a way to cut back on the amount of words but at the same time keep your strongest points and good luck. Trust me, I know its not easy. I have the same problem. It will probably take you a long time to reduce the word amount but you can do it. Best regards.

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