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My cousin - write a paragraph about your idol's trait

zangangle 1 / -  
Jan 9, 2019   #1

cheerful sweetheart

My idol who I love so much is my cousin Khanh. A personality of her that makes me impress is industriousness, she is a truly hardworking person. in studying, Khanh always finds out more knowledge about what she is taught at school and she always sets up a obvious goal that can help her to have more motivation, which is very worth learning. She also is a frugal person. Whenever she buy something, she weight up carefully before she determines to buy it but she is not hard-fisted. She always shares the best thing with her younger sisters, specifically me, and she never treats us badly. The characteristic of her I love to is cheerfulness and she is also a sweetheart. Khanh often makes everyone around her feel comfortable and happy by her funny and interesting stories which she tells. Whenever I am depressed when I have a difficult problem in my life, I always tell her about my problem and want to hear a solution from her because her advise makes less stressful and become more optimistic. All in all, I feel really happy for being a younger sister of Khanh.

Holt - / 7,546 2001  
Jan 10, 2019   #2
Giang, advise is different from advice. The action is spelled as "advise" , while advice means a suggestion for a beneficial course of action'. In this essay, you meant to use the term "advice". There is a subject - verb disagreement in the way that you use the term "buy". You mean to use that term as a current action so it should be in the present time presentation of "buys".

I am uncertain about what you mean to say by ". The characteristic of her I love to is cheerfulness". I believe you meant to say "... I love is her cheerfulness." Remember that when a word, such as "obvious" is used in a sentence, it is preceded by the indefinite article "an" not "a". There are other grammar issues in this essay that I can no longer mention at this point as I would end up having to rewrite your whole essay for you. Just know that you are showing promise as an English writer but you need to become more familiar with the English grammar rules so that your sentence structure and word usage will also be improved.

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