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Culture Shows & Campus-wide brain parties - WELLESLEY SUPPLEMENT ESSAYS

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Dec 23, 2020   #1


Vietnamese Literature class... I was tired of copying the lecture from the board to my notebook without any discussions about the script or characters. Today some Japanese students would visit my school, so why did I still stuck to this desk and didn't come to see them? Looking at the grief and boredom of my classmates, an idea runs throughout my mind. A little post note, some secret ciphers, in only 10 minutes, I "organized" a team to escape the room. Utilizing the playtime, we sneaked out to the hall, pretended that we were going to buy breakfast. We entered the hall, looked at the stage, and in one second, my mind was blown. It was the first time I saw over 100 foreigners in their traditional costumes, their school uniforms, and enjoyed the Japanese sword show, the Japanese music in-the-real-life. I was amazed by their stories about their daily lives in Japan, their integrity in playing games, their calm manner when listening to my stories. Only 3 hours spent with them sparked in me a desire to explore the cultures in the world rather than any international relations lessons. The Culture Shows at Wellesley has been attracted me naturally. There would be the day I attend a multicultural organization to represent cultures on the stage no matter where I come from. It might be a week when all the culture shows occur respectively, and I would never blink one time at these shows.

Representing my school to those people from Japan would never be a fear to me. I love presenting on the stage because I love inspiring people with my stories. My voice became silvery and forceful when talking and drew people to be around me. Stories had powerful impacts. At the Tanner Conference where the stories come together, I want to show my own. Due to my own interest in managing and business, I skipped the parties with my friends many times and didn't get along with them much. However, our relationships have improved since I walked onto the stage and started talking. Rather than saying what is obvious and available on the Internet, I found the intimate relations between myself and others to reach out to their hearts. Storytelling has connected me with my people. Any moment that allows me to connect is priceless, and I really treasure your Campus-wide brain parties.

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Dec 23, 2020   #2
There are 100 reasons why you would want to choose the university and you focused on only one aspect? Pick a few more. Stop going back to the ME reference in relation to your previous experiences. Focus on the adventure that is a learning process at the university. You want to be an adventurer right? This is the essay where you should let that aspect of yourself lose. How will you enjoy your time based on the varied reasons to choose the university? What adventure can you participate in based upon the 100 reasons? Why would you excel as a student because the university will harness your adventurous spirit? You can help liven up the university experience for the current and incoming students through your adventurous side. Why did you suddenly hold back on that now? Imagine life as a student at the university and letting your sense of adventure go during the non-academic hours. That is what this supplemental essay is all about.

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