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'curiosity about the natural world' - USC Supplement

saurabh93 11 / 94  
Jan 10, 2012   #1
Describe your academic interests and how you plan to pursue them at USC. Please feel free to address your first- and second-choice major selections.

After taking freshman biology, I developed an endless curiosity about the natural world, and was fascinated by the many mysteries in its possession. Strolling around my neighborhood, I regularly encountered creatures such as spiders, caressing the dirt like its very own offspring, and mingling with grasshoppers despite the apparent special differences. Seeing how very different creatures are still able to come together, I wondered what accounted for the connection that I just saw. I also wondered why these connections were in place, and what exactly makes them useful.

Indeed, I let my curiosity thrive, and took AP Biology during my junior year. The class was an eye-opener not only to the various biological processes but also its relevance to our world today. Each step in DNA synthesis reveals the function of numerous molecules, which in turn are useful for understanding various other purposes. The vast majority of life functions cannot occur without water and carbon dioxide, which are universal and simplistic in their function. This ideal is why I embrace biology. Every molecule and object, living or otherwise, has an invaluable role to play in the grand scheme of life, and the many processes are actually composed of the same molecules interacting differently. This interconnectedness allows for flexibility among the molecules, and understanding this idea is integral to our understanding of the world as it is, and helps pave the way for future discoveries. This leaves room for ambiguity and experimentation, which would not only develop us as biologists and engineers, but also as multi-dimensional humans. Using biology, we can devise solutions to many of our world's most pressing issues. The beta-carotene found in vegetable plants was used to create the Golden Rice, which brought much-needed nutrition to third-world nations throughout Africa and Asia. We can make our lifestyle and that of our fellow global citizens more efficient simply by studying the efficiency of the life processes happening all around us and applying them to the human setting.

The prospect of being at the forefront of global change is why I wish to pursue bioengineering at the University of Southern California. Apart from its world-renowned engineering and biology programs, the school's geography, with the Pacific Ocean to the west and the San Gabriel Mountains to the east, makes it an enticing place to study biology. I am looking forward to putting my skills to practice at research centers such as the Wrigley Institute, where I can learn about wildlife while witnessing it at the same time, and at Sustainable Cities, where I can implement biological methods in improving the urban quality of life. Back on campus, the 9:1 student to faculty ratio means that I can spend more quality time speaking and working with my professors, with all their expertise and experience. The year-round temperate climate of Southern California is another reason for spending more time outdoors and doing what I like to do. Given these numerous opportunities, I believe that USC is an outstanding school and am excited to potentially spend the next four years at this great institution. Once I graduate, I will apply what I have learned from my college experience to the world at large, and will surely owe my success to the university. Go Trojans! (3348 characters including spaces)

Any feedback would be highly appreciated!!

beccalevesque - / 45  
Jan 10, 2012   #2
I really like the way you go into the description of biology and it's importance in global change and then go on to say that is the reason for your chosen major. I think that this is very well written.
greeley 6 / 15  
Jan 10, 2012   #3
Good intro, i really dont know how to correct it it was really well done . I need to make revisons to mine after reading yours its really good D: ha

Good luck :)
1994yxf 2 / 3  
Jan 11, 2012   #4
It shows your love for both USC and bio!! just add some details then it'll be perfect
singh955 7 / 36  
Jan 11, 2012   #5
yes, its answers the prompt very clearly. On the down side, though, most of the essay states facts that the AO's probably know. You should really consider adding something very original to the essay somehow.

Sorry if I sound a little harsh, but I'm just looking out for you. ;)

Please look at my essay, Thanks!
collyguy 2 / 4  
Jan 11, 2012   #6
In my opinion, this is a fantastic response to the prompt. You go into great detail about how passionately you feel about biology and that gives USC a great idea of who you are as a person. Also, you mentioned specific things at USC in the response which goes a long way in the admissions process. My only complaint about the response would be some parts at the beginning. The phrase "spiders, caressing the dirt like its very own offspring, and mingling with grasshoppers despite the apparent special differences" sounded really awkward to me, and I think could use some changing up. Aside from that, this is a great response that really shows the university what kind of student you are.

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