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"Debate" as mandatory topic - Lehigh supplement essay

vladic007 9 / 22  
Oct 18, 2010   #1
Good time of the day dear readers.
This is my Lehigh university supplement on the following topic:

If you founded your own college or university, what topic of study would you make mandatory for all students to study and why? What would be the values and priorities of your institution and why?

If I founded my own college or university, I would introduce and make mandatory for all students the topic "Debate". A lot of students who are applying and who are enrolled in different universities are afraid to express their thoughts, to state that what they are saying is right and even to speak or argue with someone on any known topics. They are afraid to speak, because they don't know how to do it. How will a student apply to a good work after university if he or she doesn't know how to prove the CEO of the company that he or she is the best candidate for the work? Debating is one of the best ways solving this problem. Debates not only raise the self confidence in a person, they change the person in a better way. "What we say is what we are" and if we say it correctly and with confidence this makes us stronger and gives more certainty in our actions. Making "Debate" mandatory not only will change the way students think, it will grant them a lot of new knowledge in all the domains of the human society, because debating is everywhere: one can debate with one's friend about the Stephen Hawkins's astronomical theories, about Obama's political policy with one's father, about how to organize the Christmas party with one's spouse. Debating will not only help students achieve higher goals in their lives, it will help them in every activity that they had the desire to do. And when the CEO will accept the student that graduated my college and ask where he or she learned how to speak so clearly and convincingly, he or she would say that from the debating course in my college.

Word count is 290.
I had to answer in 150-250 words. So what should I cut off.
Give me all the critics you can.
By the way, if you need me reviewing your essays, post the link together with your response!

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