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'dedicated to pursue a career in medical field' - my personal statement -medicine

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Oct 31, 2011   #1
Please comment my essay, thx

I am dedicated to pursue a career in medical field because I have prepared academically and physically for the real life clinical experience while working in a public hospital for 6 years.

After schooling at the ***university I become a registered nurse at the *****Hospital. I have received a constant exposure to clinical environment for my working life. I have worked in out-patient clinics and various departments including pediatrics, oncology and surgery. This clinical experience in different clinical settings has been truly rewarding because I am able to learn various clinical knowledge and skills but also stay apprised of the latest developments in the health care in HK. On daily basis, I established rapports with patients, performed interview, assessment, provided care and collaborate with multidiscipline so as to provide the optimal care to them. I understand the myriad of challenges internists and specialists face every day. Due to working in irregular shift in an acute hospital, I have already adapted to work in such a highly paced, and challenging medical world.

My thirst for knowledge is hard to satisfy. It is not enough for me to know nursing care but many patients have a huge variety of medical problems which rely on doctors to make diagnosis and provide management. Until I studied the master degree in emergency, I gain a valuable understanding of the workings of the emergency physicians, with opportunities to observe and work with them in numerous practical tasks, from collecting arterial blood gas to intubation to save peoples' lives. The experience fascinates me most and has made me more determined to accomplish my ambition to be a doctor.

I was fortunate enough to be trained as a nurse at the *** university and at one of the busiest and largest provincial teaching hospital where was a paradise for me. Even if I am a specialized nurse in surgery department, I continuously contribute to academic development. I attended international seminars, workshops and conference so as to enhance my professional growth. Also, last year I was an invited speaker in the international symposium to share my clinical experience with audience.

I look forward to bringing my maturity, enthusiasm and determination to the medical profession. I am aware of the demands of a medical career but my commitment and desire to become a doctor has been strengthened through by academic aspect and work in an acute healthcare setting.

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