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"definition of art", Statement of Purpose for transfer art student

dudeitsben 1 / -  
Mar 23, 2010   #1
Heyy. I was hoping some of you could read over my statement of purpose and evaluate it? I dont know if I'm done with it, but i'd like to see how I'm doing so far.


As I was surfing the Internet, my curiosity got the better of me. What is the actual definition of art? I know we all have our own interpretation if the term, but what is the dictionary definition? Many answers popped up but one definition baffled me - "the creation of beautiful or significant things." The reason this baffled me being that not all art is beautiful. Picasso's Les Demoiselles D'avignon is certainly not beautiful or pretty but its one of the most successful pieces of art today. Whether your art is 'beautiful' or not, it's still art. It's something that came from within; something that sparked your interest and creativity. An Internet definition should not limit your work and tell you that art needs to be pretty. [...]

comet2000 10 / 48  
Mar 24, 2010   #2
(...) I know we all have our own interpretation of the term, but what is the dictionary definition? (...)

(...) I love the fact that using one of the most useful items today, the computer, and knowledge of art and design, you can create some of the interesting pieces of work.

Through my years of interest in graphic design, I have had experiences that I feel give me a slight edge. In my spring semester at Orange County Community College, I participated in two internships; one with artist, Judith Hraniotis and one with the art department at Orange County Community College to assist with the spring art show, Input Output. Participating in these internships really taught me what it would be like to work in the industry. My work with Judith was to create a website for her. This was a bit challenging but very fun. We met several times to talk about the website and its progress and what she liked and disliked about it. The internship with the art department was also interesting. It gave me a look at what goes on 'behind the scenes.' I was to help matte the artwork and assist in setting up the actual show.

Not only did I participate in internships but I was also in a competition with my friend. Through the club, Future Business Leaders of America, we participated in the web development competition. We took first place on the state level of the competition and qualified to go to nationals. The competition was very official that it was it'slike more of a business club so we learned how to act in a professional manner. This sentence sounds a bit weird to me so I try to change it.

I have many creative interests when making art. Depending on the type of art making, I have different styles. When creating work just for fun, like image blends, I like to use bright colors and the use of well-known people or objects. I guess you can say that my leisure work is a sense of pop art and well-composed materialism. For example, I created a tour poster for a singer, known as Lights(I don't think you really need to capitalize lights.) , which was one of three that was chosen to be featured on her website.

I also like to create art that mixes simplicity with intricacy. I think that having a really create piece mixed with something simple allows the piece to stand as a well rounded whole.

I plan to continue on with my education in graphic design and I feel SUNY New Paltz will be the best thing to assist in my growing knowledge. It will allow me to learn new things and help develop my creative process. I have learned a lot so far and I know there is so much more to learn. Although my education will never rest, when I complete my schooling, I hope to obtain a job in the graphic design field. I feel like I could be a great asset to a future company.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,324 129  
Mar 24, 2010   #3
Use a comma:
Many answers popped up , but one definition baffled me - "the creation of beautiful or significant things."

...not all art is beautiful.---- well there is a kind of dark beauty that is available in portrayals of terrible things. They have intrinsic beauty as reality's imagery, as terrible as they may be.

Another problem with your argument is that the definition you cited says "or significant" so you cannot accuse the writer of the definition of saying art has to be pretty. However, you are still making a meaningful point here! I think it is okay this way, despite that little issue.

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