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Describe a challenge or obstacle you have overcome in your life: about my ADHD

Here is the prompt: Describe a challenge or obstacle you have overcome in your life.
I'm going to write about my ADHD and how I've had to overcome it in order to succeed academically. So I know what I'm going to write about but not the slightest clue how to structure it. This is something that happened over the course of two years so I don't really see how I can make it a narrative essay (if it even should be a narrative essay). I could write it right now but it would have no structure. Should have I have the classic thesis with three points and corresponding body paragraphs for each of those points? I'm really lost here and could use some help. What would be the general paragraph structure for this kind of essay?

Nov 30, 2012   #2
Or could you give me a link to a good resource regarding the topic of structuring college admissions essays. This is very urgent as I only have today to complete it. I deeply appreciate any feedback I get. And also, there is one more thing I wanted to ask. Do you think it is bad practice to use the same essay prompt for application essays for different colleges? For example, both UK and UC have the option to write an essay of your choice. So if I used UC's prompt "Define 'success' in your own words and explain how the college experience will help you to achieve it" and wrote the essay, and then decided to use that same essay for UK's "Select a topic of your choice" would it be bad? This is of course assuming I don't use UC's name in UK's essay and vice versa.

Hope this helps! Good luck! You'll have a great time in college :)
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