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Describe your educational and career goals - a summer research program

I am applying for a summer research program for undergraduate student. I am really excited about this thingy expect for the writing part...
Can anyone help me to take a look at my essay :)
Describe your educational and career goals

Majoring in biochemistry, I want to study in depth different aspects of my fields to discover my best interest area. On the one hand, I will be working as inspector for food and drink in Asian markets. The cases about melamine in formulated milk and eggs recently show that quality of food and drink needs more attention from everyone. I am also interested in working on better testing and prevention methods contamination (testing and preventing contamination)for (in) food and drinking water. My goal is to make enough healthier food and drink for people in the world. On the other hand, I continue to obtain a higher degree in biochemistry to do research and teach college students(sound kind of awkward). Through my years studying abroad, I would love to share with my students about American culture and knowledge of the filed.

Currently learning about genetics in molecular biology class, I am fascinated by the simple experiments in the labs discovering the secret of molecular interactions of genetic material and proteins in human bodies. I am thrilled to observe and to participate in experiments to reinforce the materials. Research experience for undergraduate students is what missing in Vietnam's universities. (Sound kind of awkward). Through doing research, I can cooperate / apply the knowledge from my classes and the skills from the lab sections(practice my lab skill) into the research. At the same time, I learn how to interact in a research environment. And the best part of all, I am going to have my first (this is an unique opportunity) to do hand-on experience on my own and have opportunities to discover my interest. Working side by side with students from different regions, I will have chances to learn from them. I will build up my foundation of research skills. I will learn(am excited to learn)how to conduct researches in the labs to make the world a better place for human. (Conducting a successful research will be a big improvement for my other future researches and my plan to go to graduate schools later.)

On the one hand, I hope to work as an inspector for food and drink in Asian markets.

My goal is to innovate ways to make enough healthier food and drink available to underprivileged people in developing parts of the world.

On the other hand, I intend to pursue a higher degree in biochemistry so that I can conduct research and teach as a college professor.

Research career experience opportunitiesfor undergraduate students are scarce in Vietnam's universities. Through doing research, I can apply t he knowledge from

I think you should add something before that first sentence: a very interesting introduction paragraph. In that intro paragraph, you can write a sentence that captures the very most important goal -- the one that is closest to your heart. And these other goals you describe can all be related to that single, overarching goal. Good luck!!!
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