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Describe how your life experiences can contribute to pomonas educational mission around diversity

sam2019 1 / -  
Aug 5, 2018   #1

learning and loving others differences

I was raised by parents who came to the United states at a young age to have a better life for themselves and future kids. My parents didn't get to finish high school, so they have very little knowledge about the college system.

Growing up, my parents would often switch me to different schools; for example I started going to pre-K at Mount Auburn, a bilingual elementary, for one year, and soon after I switched to Kiest, also a bilingual school, and only stayed two years. I was then moved to an Uplift school in 2nd grade not knowing much English. Going to an all english school I remember was a very nerve-racking feeling for me, because I was afraid of not being able to fit in.

Moving so much as a child made me feel insecure when I was being surrounded by different people. My parents had no clue how much their actions had an affect on myself. It was hard having to leave from one place to another after just barely getting used to the environment. Moving from school to school made me isolate myself and become a shy little girl always afraid to speak up. But as I look back at it today, my parents actions did not have such a bad effect on myself.

Most young kids don't experience having to move frequently from school to school but I did and it has taught me to embrace my differences. Now, I am a senior in high school with an ambition to keep going no matter what. To me my education is everything. I understand the importance of embracing where my parents come from and learning and loving others differences.

Holt - / 7,529 2001  
Aug 6, 2018   #2
Samantha, you seem to have misunderstood the prompt requirement. What the reviewer would like to learn about from you, based on this prompt is, about your original culture, social norms, and traditions. Where did your family come from? How were you raised in terms of keeping with the traditional method of raising a child in your parents home country? What makes your life as the child of an immigrant different from others? What aspects of how you were raised do you wish to share with the Pomonas community? Why do you think that your addition to the community will help to increase the lessons in diversity that the students can experience?

Based on what I read, there is nothing significant about your life at this point. It is "ordinary" at best when compared to the other immigrant parent students who will be applying. There is no real life experience that will contribute towards the enjoyable or learning diversity of the Pomonas campus. You need to read the information from the university regarding their Diversity at Pomona programs and then, only after understanding what the program of the university is, what their mission and objectives are, should you draft a new essay that is aimed at addressing their expectations in terms of objectives and goals based upon your life experience being raised as a person from a different race in the United States.

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