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Describe problems connected with overpopulation and propose resolutions to this issue

longpm2k 1 / -  
Sep 19, 2019   #1

problems of overpopulation and solutions

The excessive increase of the population is becoming a real hassle not only in developing countries but also in the developed ones for the past few decades. This essay will delineate some problem resulted in overpopulation and propose resolutions to this issue

The first thing to mention, as one of the major problem, is the widespread famine. The population booming has overcome the ability to supply food and, consequently, poverty who cannot afford to buy will starve to death. Moreover, it also brings the depreciation of fresh water, the loss of habitat and biodiversity. Secondly, the overpopulation is the underlying reason of the unemployment. In the overpopulation nations, the available occupations are fewer than the overall job-seeking population. It leads to the rise in crime rate, violence and the dispirited quality of life.

There are two possible remedies for this acute puzzle. The first one is to raise awareness about controlled birth through campaigning both in real life and on the internet. The other solution is to put in place policies restricting population growth. The government should impose high taxes on families with more than two children and even fine them if needed.

To sum up, overpopulation brings the starvation and the rise in crime rate and joblessness and should be prevented through campaigns and laws

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Sep 19, 2019   #2
Hi longpm2k! I'm not an expert, so please just ignore if my advice doesn't actually help...
I think maybe you could add more details and examples in the third paragraph to show these two remedies are effective, because it seems that a large part of the essay focuses on describing the problem, and the solutions only account for a small part, but the essay question asks for both.

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