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Describe a situation when it was important for you to work with someone you didn't know

Sunday Ujong 1 / 2  
Jan 20, 2020   #1
Hello, please I need help for review on my essay below.

Describe a situation when it was important for you to work with someone you didn't know. Describe how you built a good working relationship in a school or work setting.

work with a lecturer

After my undergraduate studies, I volunteered to work with a lecturer as a project research assistant. The lecturer was hypertensive and as such required less work. Despite this, the workload as a lecturer was much as she had to lecture the students, carry out research findings and publish articles coupled with the other roles she played in the department.

Having been in a position of guiding students on writing project, I volunteered to work with her by assisting her to develop new research project topics and writing most of the journal articles. During this period, she was appraised by the university authorities for promotion, I volunteered in typing and binding all her publications together for submission. While she feared the consequences attached to the disease, I also assisted her in assessing some student's research project and acted as a second supervisor. She developed trust in me such that I worked in her office all alone while she was away. I enjoyed working with her as she was concerned about my challenges and welfare and always ready to support me. Though I left the job due to my National youth service scheme, the work relationship continued as I communicate and work with her via email.

My time with her resulted in her promotion from a senior lecturer to an associate professor that same year. As a result of this, I was linked to other lecturers in the same department to help write research Journal articles as well. I also had more knowledge on how to write and develop research project topics and Journal articles.

jtjt99 2 / 2 1  
Jan 20, 2020   #2
Hi, is there a word limit? I would try to elaborate in your involvement and the work you've done with the lecturer to give clearer background information.

The last paragraph needs more reflection. You've stated the scenerio in the second paragraph, but haven't really reflected on the importance onworking with someone you don't know. Did you learn a new skill? Did you see something in another point of view? A clearer conclusion of how working with the lecturer has allowed you to grow as a person may help this essay.

I hope this helps.
OP Sunday Ujong 1 / 2  
Jan 20, 2020   #3
Sure it helped. Thanks so much, I'll rework on it.
the word limit is 250 words buh I haven't exceeded it.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,125 3263  
Jan 20, 2020   #4
A better response to this essay would have been something along the lines of how you got along and built a working relationship with someone whom you did not get along with. The trick questions, not included in this essay are, "How do you respond to stressful situations?" and "How do you adjust to situations where you can't see eye to eye with your peers?" By presenting a sense of maturity through cooperation, negotiation, team work, and meeting each other half-way, you will provide a response that shows the reviewer your ability to work in and succeed in performing what is required of you during stressful situations. It is necessary to explain this to the reviewer because those are the most likely study and research scenarios you will find yourself in should be admitted to the course at the university.
OP Sunday Ujong 1 / 2  
Jan 20, 2020   #5
Thanks @Holt..I see reasons for that as well..I will work it.
EvidenceBrown 2 / 5  
Jan 22, 2020   #6
@Sunday Ujong
From your essay, you haven't describe how important it was for you to work with your lecturer. You volunteering to work with her does not answer the question either. A simple example is you working with a team and your managing director calls for a replacement for your team head. At that moment, it is important for you to work with the new team head so as to achieve the company's set goals.
ReginaOtu 3 / 6  
Jan 25, 2020   #7
I suggest you rewrite this essay using a situation in which you met the lecturer of yours half way. In this essay, you volunteered working for the lecturer and that does not sound like an important reason why you need to work with her. Your essay sounds cool but you need to look for a story that matches the necessity why you need to with with her.

Please the feedback I posted earlier is addressed to sundayujong and not Holt. Sundayujong, please take note of that

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