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Describe a situation when you had to work very hard to achieve what was required.

EvidenceBrown 2 / 5  
Jan 20, 2020   #1
Describe a situation when you had to work very hard to achieve what was required.

challenging experience

As a duty to my Nation to partake in the National youth service scheme, I was posted to exercise this duty in a community secondary school with population of 1700 students. The school wasn't of much quality and they lacked a lot of facilities to accommodate the students. Science laboratories lacked necessary equipment and the students fail to take practical and rather learn the theoretical aspect. Mathematics as a core subject was difficult for the students to understand due to the teaching method employed by the teachers.

Having volunteered to be an SDG (Sustainable development goals) facilitator during my training as a National youth personnel, I was charged with the responsibility of raising awareness on the SDGs and working with rural communities for citizen-led monitoring of the SDGs. I decided to volunteer in teaching mathematics since the subject is a pre-requisite. I made the class interactive, had private teachings with the students even after class and sounded more enthusiastic and engaging in class by selecting some students who were not following up to solve some questions. I also volunteered to put my SDG trainings to action by providing the school with necessary equipment for adequate learning. I solicited for funds from companies and Government. They were not responding due to the dwindling national economy, but I never relented as I got some funds from my savings to help facilitate the project.

I was able to provide the school with a set of laboratory equipment (Titration apparatus). The students recorded success in their results as compared to the former times when the subject was handled by another teacher. The subject class became interesting as the students were always eager to learn due to my teaching method as a result, I awarded the best student. This was a very gratifying experience as the students were very appreciative of my efforts and at the same time I was commended by the principal and staffs of the school for my dedication and service.

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Jan 21, 2020   #2
You should explain how the Sustainable Development Goal objectives were achieved by your actions in helping the school gain new teaching instruments. The way you make the effort sound on paper is too simple. There was no explanation as to how you resolved the problem as to getting the offices to pay attention to your requests. Remember, the situation has to prove that you worked very hard to achieve your goals. I did not get a clear picture of that in this essay. Focus less on describing the school, expand on the problems you faced and how you coped with the situation to achieve a resolution to the problems you had to overcome for the benefit of the students. Don't enumerate all your activities. Just center on the main problem, getting teaching aids to help the students learn. That is the most relevant topic you presented in this essay and that should be highlighted in the discussion.
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Jan 21, 2020   #3
Thanks Holt for the review.. I appreciate and I'll make corrections where necessary

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