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'a design based company' - civil engineerng Michigan State

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Nov 12, 2012   #1
It's always been my wish that I want to be graded among the best students, and this is possible only by the best guidance that is what is provided at MSU, My intended area of specialization in the graduate program in Civil & Environmental Engineering at Michigan State University will be in Structural Engineering. And what I found out here is the best faculty and lab equipment that I have ever imagined, well I am not much familiar about the lab instruments for the master's course in structure but comparing to other institute is the best according to me, what other thinks it doesn't makes any difference to me just because it's me who wants to pursue master's here.

What I think the faculties are:-
The respective faculties of structural engineering department are highly dignified and I know that high scholar people try their utmost level to make a student understand. It's always been in my dream that i will study abroad under foreign faculties who will be the best according to their profession of teaching, but I think my search ends here at MSU. According to the website there are four professors and just after reading there works and achievements I personally feel like they are the best for me and will be my best guide through the course.

Why should I pursue my master's here?
Well the dignitary faculty and the availability of equipment's assure the best education for the professional level. At MSU there state-of-the-art facilities, active student groups and comprehensive educational programs combine to offer superior preparation for a professional career. A master's pursuing student should be well habituated with the theory as well as the practical experience which is provided at MSU. The wide range of student activities provides extensive practical experience in various fields like planner, design etc. The result of such is seen in the website as the students have won few prizes. Well such kind of involvements helps experiencing and developing certain leadership qualities, working with groups and interaction with professional engineers outside the university which is very legitimate for the professional course. Since I am planning my career as a structural engineer it's very necessary to have such experience without it would be impossible or rather very laborious. Well my educational objectives are the same as the other master's student to be acquainted with the depth knowledge by the high scholar professor therefore I am excited to get such experienced such high technical teachings. Overall I am assured that it's the best what I can get and am highly anticipated for such.

What is my goal?
Every structural engineer wants to join a design based company or a site job, but I want a job to be at design company in my home country so that I can use every bit of learning and teaching from the dignitary professors in my profession. As we all know my country India is the second largest populated country so more space needed for the accommodation and since we can't extend our property horizontally but vertically in such case the structural engineer are brought into action against the natural forces, human made forces and due to dead loads. Means like to construct a vertical building in such a way that economic and efficiency both is counted there. Also it doesn't provide any hazard to environment that should be the key factor of such construction.

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