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Desire to Help people; TRANSFER - Changing major to nursing/ what led the decision?

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Feb 17, 2013   #1
How certain are you about changing your major to nursing and what has led you to the decision to change your major?

Since many decisions in life influence your path in life, I want to direct my own path to Nursing and see it as my future career. For this reason, I have held no doubts about changing my Undeclared status to Nursing, since my decision to transfer into Nursing has been in my mind at all times, both before entering College and as of now. The only reason that stopped me from getting into the Nursing Program right away was applying late to the University of Texas. Yet, I am determined to get into the Nursing Program here in the University of Texas because I want to become an exceptional Nurse. Throughout my life, I have seen many Nurses at work. Once during my hernia surgery, I experienced their kindness and security while they cared for me in the hospital. Yet, when I have visited my godmother at her medical emergencies in the hospital, I have witnessed impatience and rudeness in the action the Nurses have completed. I know many have the drive to complete a Nursing career but few have the character, the personality, the patience in the medical field to be the Nurse patients, families, society look up to for support, reassurance, or security. It is in my up-most desire and determination to become the type of Nurse I just described. I see myself as nothing more than a young lady in the pursuit of her dream career that wants the opportunity to major in Nursing in order to make her dream, a reality.

Why do you want to complete the baccalaureate degree in nursing?( I need help on this second essay. I feel like much of it I already said on the first essay.

When I ponder and wonder about my future, I see myself as a Nurse diligently and passionately ready for the task on hand. I carry a desire to help people, especially those in need, in pain, in suffering as well in the light of an emotional birth. I want to the Nurse that aids the sick and ill and help them to recovery. I want to be one the Nurses who has a positive relationship with the patient and families to provide the support they need to move through difficult times. I want to be a Nurse who has a direct positive impact on the patients gaining their trust and hope. Overall, I just do not want a job; I want a career that I can solely enjoy and still reach out to people, and not just people but children, families throughout the basis of my life.

Please help!...s.g.v

somedaysoon 2 / 5 1  
Feb 17, 2013   #2
I think you need to work more on the essay, my personal suggestion is maybe with the first essay expand on the hernia surgery when you had the kind nurses who influenced you to becoming a nurse and kind of grow from that. On the second essay you can focus more on the importance of being exceptional at something you love because you see it as a career not a job and go into details about the program there i.e.: their biology class, or internship program that allows you to gain first hand experience, something that they have that other colleges don't. It could be the atmosphere or the close relationships between professors and students, etc. I hope you understand what I mean, but these are just my suggestions, if you discard them, that's fine but I think you need to focus more on one thing, there is too many things going on in the first essay, choose one and expand on it.

Hope everything works out and Good Luck!

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