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"Desire to learn" - London Royal Hospital School

Poonie Cha  
Jul 11, 2018   #1

Ready for interview

Prior to going to Imperial College, I attended Royal Hospital School, which is a boarding school in the UK. I have just finished Master of Engineering at UCL in June 2018. I am now looking for a job in either finance, accounting or sales. Please find attached the subjects list that I have studied at Imperial College. I have not only studied a great deal of Engineering subjects, but also a number of business modules such as Finance, Accounting, Economics, Management and Chinese Language, where Accounting and Economics were taught at London School of Economics. I am willing to learn new things and gain necessary skills to do the job properly in order to create the most satisfied work for the company. I hope to get the opportunity to work at your place.

I consider myself always having a desire to learn. Plus, I can speak three languages which will be useful for the workplace. However, I am a foreigner and need the visa sponsorship from your company if you can accept me to work. I am happy to be in charge of the sponsorship license and all the fees needed including sorting out all the paperwork as I know the immigration advice service. I am not fussed about the salary as long as the company finds what amount of fees is appropriate for me and I will have no objection.

I am now in London and available to be called for interview at anytime, and I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you.
Holt [Contributor] 1530  
Jul 11, 2018   #2
When you write a job interview letter, you must make sure that you have an actual position to inquire about. Writing a generalized "Do you have any job openings based on my skills" letter will ensure that your letter ends up in the deleted pile. It is not the job of the HR department to review your transcript of records and then look into their job openings to tell you which ones are open or that you qualify for. That is your job as the applicant.

The only role of the HR department in this instance, is to review your skills in relation to the job opening you are applying for. It is only after you have found a job at the hospital / school that suits your skills that you should apply by writing a letter that highlights your core competencies in terms of academic excellence and internship / work experience in relation to the available position.

When you write an application letter, you should never make it clear to the reader that you are "willing to learn" the job because they would rather hire someone who already knows the job and doesn't need to be trained. They don't have time for that. The best they can do is orient you with the tasks related to the job. They won't hire you to "learn" the job. They are hiring you to "do" the job. Those are two different things. The former is suited for an unpaid intern position and the latter is for a person who already knows how to do the job. Even with a desire to learn, they will not consider you a strong applicant if your skills do not suit the job you are applying for and you have to be taught how to do the job.

Before you apply for a work sponsorship, make sure the company actually offers such a program first. From the way you discussed it in this letter, you are looking for an employer that will do just that. This is another reason why you may be rejected as an applicant, even if you are in London at the moment and ready to come for a job interview. Not all companies offer work visa sponsorships to foreign workers even if you are already in London and can start in a heartbeat.

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