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Desiring to be an explorer. Application letter for Global UGRAD exchange program

nusrat8662 1 / -  
Dec 18, 2018   #1
Hi guys, this is my application letter for UGRAD. I would be greatful if you had a look at it.

UGRAD - a great opportunity for me

I am Nusrat Jahan. Since my childhood I remember desiring to be an explorer. I love travelling and visited many places of my country. I desire to experience new cultures and learn about the cultural history of other countries as well. Unfortunately I didn't get the opportunity since my father is a Marine Engineer who works for foreign ships and for his work he couldn't give me and sisters enough time. So I decided to make the most of my academics and achieve better result so I can keep my travelling dreams alive. I have four sisters, three older and one younger. My mother is a house-wife and the most important person of my life. I love my family more than anything in this world and my mother means everything to me. She is the most influential figure in my life and I want to be like my mother because for me she's the strongest women ever.

During my secondary and high school I have participated in many cultural activities. I love singing and dancing and my mother always encourages me to pursuit my passion. I learned music for six years. I find peace in music and both singing and dancing comforts me in a time of great distress and sadness.

I have leadership qualities and since my secondary school till now I have always been the class representative. I have received awards for my cultural activities and for my results but among them one of the most important awards that I got is from the honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh for my outstanding performance in the Secondary School Certificate Exam.

I provide private tuition to English medium school students. I love teaching because I think teaching is not only a profession but a moral responsibility that I take very seriously and sincerely. "A teacher is never an ordinary person. Construction and destruction can be produced in his lap" a quotation by Chanakya made me believe so.

I am currently enrolled in University Of Liberal Arts Bangladesh in third year. I am doing my major in Computer Science & Engineering and minor in Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). I chose CSE as my major because the most important aspect of computer of a software developer is problem solving, an essential skill for life.

I applied for the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program (Global UGRAD) because this exchange program will allow me to familiarize myself with the cultural norms and styles of the citizen there. This exchange program will be a great opportunity for me to explore another part of the world while continuing my education. I can also interchange the rich cultural history of Bangladesh through this exchange program.

I have no intension of staying in USA. My family is settled in Bangladesh and I have certain responsibilities to my family that I need to comply.

Alicelanphuong 2 / 5 1  
Dec 18, 2018   #2
I think that your begining is quite long and unnecessary.
Acorrding my experience, I think the structure below will be better
1. You should talk about you: name, university ( your background above is quite impressive but you can write 1-3 sentences to point out the importance of these study program) and your achievements ( it will be very important for you to fight with others)

2. You will talk about your social activites
Athough you have a lot of activities, you should only present a few ativities which has a purpose or orientation similar to this program. Moreover, these paragraph have to describe your abilities such as creation, dynamic, enthusiasm,...

Remaining ativities, you can list them.
3. You explain that:
Why should they choose you?
What will you bring to this program? And What can this program bring to you? ( example: these things are really important late in my life)

The most important, you have to understand the difecences between you and other candidates which will make you special.
Kumka 2 / 3  
Dec 24, 2018   #3
I suggest you remove your 1st paragraph
Do not write about your university and major and minor you will write about it in your application

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