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Diagnosed with ADHD - UBC Personal

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Jan 12, 2022   #1


You may wish to use the space below to provide UBC with more information on your academic history to date and/or your future academic plans. For example: How did you choose your courses in secondary school? Are there life circumstances that have affected your academic decisions to date? What have you done to prepare yourself specifically for your intended area of study at UBC? (maximum 600 characters)

( i am not sure if i should include such a sensitive topic but I thought this would raise sympathy for me. Also, I talked about dance in my other personal profile parts already but briefly)

2020 was undoubtedly the roughest year of my life. I thankfully recovered from COVID healthily, but I became hypersensitive to everything around me - people, food, and especially noises. Eventually, I was tested.

I was diagnosed with ADHD, a disorder that my friends and I would view as shameful and embarrassing.

As Asian students, perfection is often the norm. From impeccable grades to outstanding extracurriculars, I never fit in the norm of my school. Under an identical pursuit of success, I was lost. It was then when dance "accidentally" entered my life. Dance became my lamp in darkness and tuned out my inner critics. Dance has taught me how to balance and gain stability, composure in decision making and freedom in my expression.
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Jan 12, 2022   #2
Replace the total response. The additional information is to be used for your additional academic information and how these relate to your future academic goals. It is not the place to discuss any extra information about your life Rather, the space must be used to add highlightable information about your academic accomplishments that you may not have been able to present in the previous prompts due to perceived irrelevance to the discussion topic.

The writer may opt to further discuss accomplishments related to dance and other activities in this section, provided it relates to the academic purpose of the student. So the response will really depend upon what the chosen undergraduate major of the applicant is. This must contain academic information and not personal information. The response must relate to additional academic preparations and accomplishments of the student (preferred) that will create the impression of being ready and with a solid early foundation of learning in relation to the chosen major.

While academic accomplishments will be preferred, extra curricular accomplishments might also be considered by the reviewer. It will be best for the writer to balance between the academic and extra curricular in this response since the writer seems to have a keen interest in dance, which, I believe, is an extra curricular activity for him / her.

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