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When we die... - NYU Tisch Supplemental Essay

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Oct 30, 2015   #1
Describe an event in your life and how it changed you or someone close to you. This event can be dramatic and/or comedic, major or minor. The assignment should be written as a short story. Please do not write about why or what led you to pursue a degree in film and television production. Ultimately we are looking for evidence of your potential as a storyteller.

I would like help correcting any grammatical errors. Thank you and much love.

When we die, it is said that a wave of dimethyltryptamine is released in our brains. Flooded from within, our mind, body, and entire existence is washed away by a dreamlike state and an uncontrollable hallucination. Theoretically, this could be good or bad depending on what one dreams about. After exploring my life by praising accomplishments and regretting downfalls, I have decided that by the time I die; when past memories eradicate and a single dream replaces all bygone events, I will have successfully changed the lives of millions.

My fascination for enlightening the masses arose indeliberately the day I lost a prominent friend but gained a person who I now coexist indescribably with. Little did I know, that affair would alter my entire perception of the world; the way I see, hear, and think.

Mindful analysis is the sole approach toward future advances: a notion I have carried ever since the 23rd of November, 2014: the day my ancient friendship eradicated from the world. A best friend is someone you can trust with your life. Someone who will be there for you whenever you need them; the feeling of being so in sync with that one person, you can share your innermost emotion with them. His name was Dylan. I shared the majority of my adolescent years with Dylan. He helped me express my imagination; I helped him open up his perspectives; we taught each other these sensational lessons no ordinary teenage duo could ever endow upon. A girl disbanded us, and the first chain of this week long phenomenon began.

The drive to school that day was acute. My hands jumping out of angst with every thump from "Idle" by Corbin playing loudly throughout the car. Singing to myself passionately, in part to temporarily halt my mind from wandering uncontrollably to nervous thoughts about the day to come, but also because my car has virtually opaque tints. I arrived to school the same way I arrive every day: Apathetic look on my face demonstrating to passerby that there is something mysterious and sinister about me, while also talking in a relaxed tone to show people that they can feel comfortable approaching me. I have always liked feeling interesting in other's eyes; subliminally transferring questions into near brains about who I am or what I have "seen" purely with the way I enter a room or glance at a peer. I like to be looked at as an inspirational person, maybe that is just my catastrophic narcissism talking but it is the truth. I feel like I can replicate the unanswerable queries of the world by making people discover questions about my life they can only answer if they truly get to know me. Back into the topic, physically I seemed collective, but mentally I was a mess. Who wouldn't be a mess while approaching a life long friend about falling in love with his previous girlfriend.

It was around 7:45am, first period begins at 8:00am. Dylan was sitting in our usual spot which was located inside the second door to the right of the Film Production class. His typical caricatured smile which on any other day would instantly make my face come to light humorously, did nothing but make me evermore nervous. Nothing about the following conversation was humerous. Before I get started on what's to come, I want to provide a little insight on this mysterious girl. Her name is Tori. Tori is five foot two inches and one hundred and five pounds. From the human eye, she is nothing but a sweet, innocent, alluring seventeen year old girl who never in a million years could be destructive. Of course, I thought nothing of it when Dylan came over one day parading around my house emphasizing his feelings for Tori. Sixth months went by and Dylan was completely infatuated with her. I started seeing Tori more and more, and with that I began to feel some sort of mystical fondness every time she grew nearer; She felt it too. Eventually, Dylan grew apart from Tori and the opposite happened to me. I never felt as if she was just my friends girlfriend, who when broken up with would vanish from my life. She was as a part of my life as she was a part of his, and with his exit out of her person my arrival, in her eyes and mine, was expected.

My gaze was fixed on his oblivious persona. I took my first step slowly, my second step carefully, and my last step cautiously. At this moment I knew my jolly, adolescent, care-free life was about to end and my matured, carefully thought out, insistent future was showing its body. With the little courage I had left in my distressed, weary self, I mumbled out three distinct words: "I love her". Just with those words alone and the distinct appeal of my character Dylan knew exactly what was going on. I could see him sapped. I could sense his agitation. I could hear his heartbeat. "How am I going to walk passed you in school. How am I going to sit next to you in English. How am I going to live a life knowing that my best friend; the one who's in all the same social groups as me; the one who likes the same fashion as me, and lives practically the same life as me is now with the girl I once, and still now, cherish". What he said next solidified my debate between the two hardest moments in my life: "I don't think I will ever be able to acknowledge you again". I was stone cold, frightened, and with an eerie look on my face I mumbled out the words, "I'm sorry". I explained my feelings of Tori, how they arose, how she cares for me, how I make her feel, and I told him that I will never, ever, in my lifetime hurt her. He was stiff. No words came out of his mouth...nothing. In the middle of my begging for our friendship to continue, he turned his back to me and walked away. That was the last time Dylan spoke to me.

Life is peculiar, we make disasters but gain blessings from them. For once in my life, I am certain I made the right decision. I see Dylan now, he is happy... lively. He has a girlfriend, and from what I see they are inseparable from each other. I really have to thank him, after all the struggle I put him through, I wouldn't have met the love of my life without his help. I have discovered who I am and what my purpose is in this world. I live an eternally untroubled life and have secured undoubtedly unimaginable achievements because of the inspiration and comfort this girl gives me. I am relieved. By carefully analyzing and examining my future I was able to solely make a metamorphic decision. By experiencing what seems like a devastating event, I was able to enlighten myself with multiple new perspectives and a completely different thought process. I am matured; I know what I feel is best in my life and am determined to keep moving forward with a high held head. I am never going to let go of Tori, and I am contented to say she will never let me leave her. We are in love. I lost Dylan, but I gained beyond a best friend; I obtained happiness. I have been set on a path to help others' find beauty in their lives and I will not stop until I reach the coda.
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Nov 2, 2015   #2
Life is peculiar. As such, we makecreatesome disasters but it gain blessings from them. For once in my life, I am certain I made the right decision. I see Dylan now, he is happy... lively. He has a girlfriend, and from what I see they are inseparable from each other. I really have toshould thank to him, after all the struggle I put him through. I wouldn't havemeet the love of my life without his help. I have discovered who I am and what my purpose is in this world.

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