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Difficulties make you stronger

aab44 1 / -  
Nov 13, 2015   #1
this is my first essay please give my suggestions to improve it

Topic: Considering your lifetime goals, discuss how your current and future academic and extra-curricular activities might help you achieve your goals.

Ever since I was a kid, being an engineer was my dream. My family always encourages me to achieve my goals, and to defy any obstacle I could face. I considered that words from them, and started to believe that if I want to accomplish my goal, then I should work hard. I tried to do my best and participated in some clubs and activities that taught me important lessons I cannot forget them.

When is I was in the 10th grade, I got the opportunity to be with the first group in my country try the acceleration program, which allows you to skip the 11th grade and go to the 12th grade immediately, many of my friends and teachers said: "don't try it you can't do it" I was disappointed, but there is one person who trust in me and my abilities and told me that I can be the best, that was my mom. My view has changed, I was afraid of failure, but after my mother's words, I felt confident.

I chose to accept that challenge, which was my opportunity to show my abilities. After that, the ministry of education sends about 15 books that I will test on it, and gave me only 3 weeks for studying! Studying these books in a short period of time was almost impossible, but I have to beat all difficulties. I started by making a schedule for studying in these 3 weeks and stopped going to school. I also prevented myself from anything else. My friends were always inviting me to hang out or to play, but because I have a goal, I was able to continue my way to success. After these hard weeks, testing time has come; it was only one week for all exams, after the exams they told me to continue on my original grade until they give me the results. 2 weeks after the exams, it was a Saturday morning and my mom came and told me I had success on all exams and I passed! I was very happy and proud of myself, I exceeded everyone expectations and become one of the 3 students who promoted to 12th grade, this was an important achievement for me.

This year, I set a new goal for me which is to get high score in AP, when I started to plan for it I found that time management skills improved a lot. I was forced to learn it after that challenge. I also learnt that you can reach your goals whatever it is by working so hard to accomplish it; nothing will happen if you just keep doing nothing. Now I am going to courses and studying so hard to do my best.

These challenges and obstacle taught me very important lessons and skills I can use it to be a successful person, in many spheres in my life, but especially in my favorite major which is petroleum engineering.

broibra 17 / 19 3  
Nov 14, 2015   #2
Hi, let me try to give you some suggestion for this writing.

I got the opportunity to be with the first group in my country try the accelerationaccelerated program

my mom came and told me I had success onin all exams and I passed! I was very happy and proud of myself, I exceeded everyone's expectations

Maybe I will give a little suggestion to you because this question. i stated my dream in the beginning and stated how these activities might help me to reach my goal

so what do you think is the problem ?

Let us not feel discouraged and hopeless. Instead, we should be proud and happy because we have just entered the initial steps of success. Why do more? Since the Foundation of our success is the dream we have. Any person who had success definitely starts with a dream. Build your dreams can be likened to a person who is building a home. Initially we have to build a solid foundation so that when natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, or other which resulted in the home we build is cracked and broken, we can rebuild it.

So it is when we are seeking to realize the dreams we have. If we instill dreams already inherent in such strong within us, we will be ready to bounce back if we are experiencing natural disasters. Therefore, we should be a dreamer-dreamer active where we not only imagine alone but also take actions that support toward the achievement of our dreams. Make changes in ourselves, out of our comfort zone, and reach for our dreams.

Thank you, I hope my advice helps you.

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