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"the difficulty of my social studies exam" - Macaulay honors essay

Nov 30, 2009   #1
Evaluate a significant risk you have taken or ethical dilemma you have faced and discuss it impact on you.
(all criticisms are welcome, i really need feedback)

Only a month into my third grade school year and I was already waking up anticipating the difficulty of my social studies exam. I had studied for exam the night before, and I anxiously waited for the clock to strike twelve so that my exam would come to an end. During the exam, I began feeling this knot in my stomach that I could not diagnose. I began to think I was just experiencing this feeling because I was nervous, yet even after my exam was done this feeling still inhibited my body. Surprisingly, my sister showed up at my school, a little while after my exam was finished. I was kind of excited that I got to go home early. Yet, the reason for my sister showing up at my school was not to give me good news it was to explain to me why I had that knot in my stomach. It was to explain to me that our 16 year old sister was pregnant and we would no longer be able to associate with her after her decision to keep her "baby." Our mother wanted us to remove her from our lives as if she never existed. These words tampered with my eardrums before I could actually comprehend what had just been told to me.

Was it really true? Was my sister actually carrying another life? These questions ran through my head until I finally arrived home and my mother confirmed all my fears. I did not fear my sister's choice to carry another life inside her, but I feared my mother's choice to shun my sister. My mother was asking me for too much, it's as if she was asking me to give up apart of my life. In the end, I knew I had to listen to my mother's orders but I asked myself everyday if it was okay to abandon the ones you love when they need you most, and I knew deep down inside the answer was no. As much as I knew that my sister had sinned, I knew she was only human and we, as humans, our bound to make mistakes.

Life became hard without my sister, she would remain in my thoughts all of the time. Each day, I would stare out of my living room window just to see her returning from school. She would not even stare at our house, so she never realized the tears I cried when I saw her, and she never heard me shouting her name. Deep down inside I really wanted to ask her, "Why do you keep passing your home?" Yet, I knew the response I would receive, "that's not my home anymore." The intensity of these words would have killed me emotionally.

I was so happy when my mother finally realized she could not live without her new grandson and her daughter, so she brought my sister back home. Yet, till this day I can never forgive myself for not speaking to my sister when she needed a shoulder to cry on the most. I can not forgive myself for neglecting her when she just needed support and love. The only thing I can do is thank my sister for forgiving me for my faults, and allowing me to realize that I should appreciate the ones who love me because "You never know what you have till its gone."

Dec 1, 2009   #2
The prompt asks you to evaluate a significant risk YOU have taken and its impact on you. I only read about your sister's "risk" (to keep her baby) and its impact on you (not forgiving yourself.) Your missing and having to ignore her is more emotional than an ethical dilemma, which was not in the prompt. Did I miss the risk you took somewhere here?
Dec 1, 2009   #3
i guess i intended the ethical dilemma to be whether or not you should abandon a person you love in their time of need but i definitely can work on it thank you

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