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'digital signal processing' Statement of Interest for Undergraduate Research fellowship

Deepti02 1 / 1  
Oct 30, 2013   #1
I am applying to a prestigious research fellowship as an undergraduate student.I have to submit a write up on my specific area and what i want to learn and achieve from this fellowship.As its my very first such document,It will be a great help if you could advise me.Also i need to shorten it to 150-250 words.

At the present time, I am pursuing 3rd year of Electronics and Communication Engineering. Right since the beginning of my undergraduate study electronics is a subject that has fascinated me with its power of applications. And now having had a very comprehensive educational experience, I aspire to study it in more depth and to be able to eventually join academia and undertake research in this fascinating Field.

During the course of my undergraduate study I have been exposed to various courses with applications like Electronic device and Circuit, Electromagnetic field, digital circuit design, Linear Integrated circuit, Network analysis, Signal & Systems, Control system, Digital signal processing, Microprocessors & Interfacing which formed the base for my well sculpted Undergraduate. Inquisitiveness has always been one of my strongest aspects which enabled me to learn lots of new stuff progressively. Without being content of what was being taught in college I always ventured into the open to learn about the innovative inventions we encounter in our everyday life.

Though experientially I am still a novice in this tremendous arena of research, yet my recent research interest area is digital signal processing and its applications, including image processing, and audio signal processing. I was astonished by the role it played in bringing digital revolution, when undergoing online open course ware by Rice University (earned statement of accomplishment). I learned to analyze and transform discrete-time signals and systems in the time and frequency domain, digital filtering and applied these concepts to build a digital audio synthesizer in MATLAB. I am continuing this with learning video and image processing.

Also, I am undergoing course in nanotechnology and nano sensors to be able to better understand the fabrication, characterization, and manipulation of nano materials, nano sensors, and how they can be exploited for DSP applications.

I am motivated by the twin challenges of understanding concepts and then applying such understanding to practical outcomes, which explains my consistent top grades in theory as well as practical examinations. Along with my regular course study, I actively participated in workshops, group discussions and presentations which allowed me to understand various engineering concepts in detail and appreciate others views. In my sophomore year, I participated in autonomous robotics challenge at Tech fest of IIT Kanpur, and along with my team designed a Land Rover using a micro controller. I have worked on student project entitled 'Hardware implementation of automatic night light system using voltage regulator'. Also I underwent summer training at National Institute of Electronics and Information on VHDL coding and learnt digital system designing. All this helped me greatly to gain in-depth knowledge and understanding in subjects like PCB designing, Microprocessors and Micro controllers, and interfacing various circuit components on to a project board.

I look forward to Research fellowship from such reputed academies with distinguish faculty and alumni and modern research facilities. I believe it will provide an immense opportunity of learning and honing the technical knowledge and skills

I have developed during my undergraduate years and enable me to fulfill my ambition to equip myself with most advances research facilities and highest level of learning. Also with some of the best brains around, it will be inspiring but at the same time.
jamesbrown176 1 / 3 1  
Nov 2, 2013   #2
Let's see how we can cut down the number of words... maybe whittle each heading down to a paragraph.

First paragraph: something like, "I have long been fascinated with the field of electronics and it's seemingly countless applications."
Next, perhaps: "By taking electives like 'Electronic Device and Circuit' and 'Digital Signal Processing' and supplementing the knowledge I gained in those courses by investigating my own interests in innovative inventions that we take for granted in everyday life, I have cultivated that fascination."

You get the idea. I tried to add a few good verbs like "investigating" and "cultivated". You can say a lot with each sentence if you really focus on word choice. Try to say each idea with as few words as possible, and try to find some more impressive word choices. "...learn lots of new stuff" are the types of phrases you should try to avoid.

Overall though your passion for the subject is clear. With brevity and some stronger word choice this will be a fine essay. Good luck!
OP Deepti02 1 / 1  
Nov 5, 2013   #3
Thank you so much..i will take care of it.

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