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Diligent and perseverance are the most important qualities - my statement

awakenlion 2 / 1  
Oct 18, 2008   #1
Diligent and perseverance are the most important qualities that are necessary for me as a student. For the past few years, I knew that I am just merely an average student; however, I never hesitated to compete with other kids. Compete in education has given me a lot of suffers and stressful, but it also has given me tongue of surprises and anticipations. It provides me opportunities to develop myself into a person that can stand on my own in the society. I never want helps or supports from people unless it is impossible for me to go on. It is extremely annoying me if I cannot use my talents and abilities to get thing work the way I want. I am a self-confidence person; I believe that I can do whatever other people able to do. Thus, it evolves me into a mature and independent kid. There was a time that I was struggled with my English class because it was my second language. I did highly well on the homework and class work, however, I wrote poorly essays ever. After the grading period, I ended up getting a C. That was the first C I ever got in my life and I promised to myself that it will never happen again. I was so embarrassed as if I want to . I was not envy of other student because I got lower grade than them, but because I did not have as much opportunities as they have. Nevertheless, I did not take it as a failure of my education; instead I made it as a challenge for myself and set it as the next obstacle that I had to face. The summer of that year, I tried my best to improve my English. I did self-study at home, and read many books. I tried to learn the way people write, how they expressed their feelings, and how their essay structured. After that summer, my writing skill was much better. Although my paper was not as good as the regular student's paper, but somehow, it helped me maintain my competition with them.

Last year, I ended up getting straight A for my English 3 class. I was very proud of myself. I knew that all the educations I earned for the past few months never be wasted. From that point on, I started reading books and learned many new things. I love what I had learn and what I going to learn for my future. Being an independent student, I am very positive. I treat learning as fun activities not the job that I have to do. While getting education, compete with other students has become my hobbies and I always want to be a number one. I love to challenge people, and being challenged. That way I always have to push myself even more so that I can face with my new opponent. To become a successful person I believe that I always need to set my goal higher and higher.

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