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Diversity + academics that match my interests (biology) - Why Emory supplement

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Jan 1, 2011   #1
1. Many students decide to apply to Emory College based on our size, location, reputation, and yes, the weather. Besides these valid reasons for making Emory College a possible college choice, why is Emory College a particularly good match for you?

Diversity. This is one of the most important qualities that I look for in a school, and through my research, I have learned that this is just one of the many characteristics about Emory that attracts me. Throughout my life, I have always been interested in experiencing other cultures. Having lived in a diverse community myself, I have had the pleasure to be able to interact with people from a plethora of countries. It is always a thrill to experience a part of a different culture such as watching my friends perform the Bhangra dance for our school's annual SAASA performance to eating Latkas at a bar-mitzvah. This is not to say that I don't embrace my own culture. As a student of Chinese ethnicity living in the United States, I also have a wide knowledge of Chinese culture which I hope to bring to Emory. I am able to fluently speak Chinese and have also participated in the annual China Night performances at our school by playing traditional Chinese music. Being able to interact with people of different ethnicities will allow me to better communicate and understand those of different identities, which is an important skill to develop as the world is becoming increasingly globalized.

There are several qualities about Emory's academics that match my interests. One important aspect is the Liberal Arts foundation upon which Emory's curriculum is based upon. Although I have already chosen Biology as my major, I know that my future may not always turned out as planned and I might eventually decide to change majors, or even my career. Because of this, I feel that the Liberal Arts foundation would be extremely valuable as it would provide me with "a lasting broad knowledge base" along with skills such as "critical thinking, clear communication, and good information management." The class rigor at Emory would suit me well because I wish to be continued to be challenged in college.

Emory's association and proximity with the CDC will provide for me research opportunities that no other school can offer. The education at Emory, fueled by some of the world's most renowned professors will surely be one that will prove invaluable.
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Jan 1, 2011   #2
Hey, hero
It is good and succinct. Try relating more to what the question is saying, like about weather, location etc.
Good luck :)
namibest 3 / 11  
Jan 1, 2011   #3
I like it, but DON'T relate it to "size, location, reputation, and yes, the weather." because it says besides these reasons
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Jan 1, 2011   #4
i like the second paragraph alot, the way Emory College challenges you, but in my opinion, talking about diversity wont stand out that much, becuase everyone's going to write about that. of course, im not saying that its bad, becuase you did explain well "why" the diversity is a match for you, its just that ive seen that diversity is one of "the" aspects of Emory that is written by applicants. But oh well, good grammar and overall good essay :)
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Jan 1, 2011   #5
I need more imput guys. With the comments ive seen so far, i have no edits to make
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Jan 1, 2011   #6
wait, doesn't Emory say to limit the word count to 250 words? this is well over 300 words...
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Jan 1, 2011   #7
i emailed them and they said it was ok if it was around 300 words
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Jan 1, 2011   #8
ahh i see. that's cool.
good luck!
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Jan 1, 2011   #9
still need some more feed back though...

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