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What does diversity mean to you and why do you think society needs diversity? No more than 250 words

jacobs 1 / -  
Jan 24, 2020   #1

diverse minds - breakthroughs can happen

I love physics, but when I first started studying for the SAT physics test I struggled with the way the same laws and concepts were interpreted differently in Russian and English. While physics sources in Russian focused more on applying sophisticated math and physics principles into solving problems, questions in English from Khan Academy, even though they seemed easy on the face, were the hardest problems I ever encountered. They concentrated not on my knowledge of formulas and rules, but my core understanding of those laws and my ability to apply them through real-life examples in SAT questions. That was a very challenging and exciting process for me. Learning how to interpret the differences in American and Russian science education systems has helped me with problems during International Science Olympiads in more deep, well-rounded ways. For me personally, the definition of diversity is observing and learning something which captivates me from different angles and sources, because having multiple sources of knowledge helps me not only experience different standpoints on Physics theories but also helps me build my view of other cultures and their relationships with science.

I firmly believe that it is the intellectual diversity of opinions and collaborative contributions to science that has made our societies more advanced, both technologically and culturally. This can be seen even in the debate over light's particle-wave duality. English Newton put forward that light was made of particles, whilst Scottish Maxwell argued that it was actually in wave form. And then, German Einstein says - why not both? If it were not for these three scientists' intellectual arguments and Einstein's curiosity of combining both of these theories, the world's outlook on light and atoms would be vastly different. I believe that our modern societies need diversity because when diversity comes with the intellectual collaboration of genius minds... breakthroughs happen.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,125 3263  
Jan 25, 2020   #2
Your essay clocks in at the 306 word mark. It is over the 250 word limit. You will need to adjust the overall content of your essay to meet the word count. That means, you might have to revise more than half the essay to meet the requirement. Consider writing a fresh essay to avoid the problem of having to fit your ideas into the current presentation. It will be easier to meet the word count and still keep the meaning of your explanation that way. To better assist you with your revision, let me offer you a suggestion regarding what topic to write about. Use the Theory of Light Wave Particle Duality instead of your Russian to American story. The latter story better describes a form of diversity that the reviewer will appreciate. Most specially if it somehow relates to your chosen major. It shows a diverse way of thinking and an understanding of how diversity can be applied in other situations and settings. By reducing the content of the essay, you may just meet or fall under the word count. It is better to be under than over the word count at all times.

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