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A Dream of an Artist with a learning Disability

Ariana Parker 1 / 3  
Dec 23, 2020   #1

statement of purpose

Your statement of purpose should consist of approximately 500 words and should provide an overview of your academic and personal experience, describing preparation for and commitment to further study at SCAD, as well as educational and professional goals and aspirations.

My love for art is a magnificent thing. I don't only love it for the story that it's telling in the artwork but how it can take someone on a journey through imagery. I believe that everyone has a story to tell, that allows art to speak for itself with feelings and emotions, in different ways it can control every aspect of who we are.

I really want to be an illustrator. I would always be excited to go to art classes to learn different types of techniques and perspectives. I didn't have my life figured out until I found art. Art guided me to the person I wanted to become. As I began to devote myself to progress my skills each and every day, I taught myself how to draw using YouTube tutorials and capturing a picture from the internet which allowed me to further take my career to the next level to succeed. I began to keep my art alive to make a way for the next generation.

When I was born my mom found out that I had a learning disability. Throughout my life, I have always been different from other kids. It was hard for me to process information in my mind. It didn't come easy for me academically. My disabilities held me back in a lot of ways. I had to fight more than the rest of the students would and learned different ways to be successful. This was the part of my life that I couldn't control --- the hardships and challenges that I had to overcome. But, drawing was something that I could control to get inspired by other people. SCAD is the place where my disability wouldn't affect my life; where I will not be different from everyone else, and I could manage to deal with my learning disability to allow me to grow as an artist.

As I was going through my teenage years, anxiety and depression were the toughest battles that I had to face. I never wanted to have anxiety. It made me worry about what I couldn't measure up to and the obstacles that I had to get through wouldn't define who I would become. I was always afraid of my anxiety getting the best of me. At night, I would make drawings when I was going through a hard time in my life. It was an outlet for me to let my mind go somewhere else that I can imagine.

Upon my visit to Savannah with my family, I had the chance to see the building of SCAD. I noticed that people were displaying their artwork outside the school and that their art was beautiful. I could imagine myself growing and flourishing into an artist. That every obstacle that stood in my way motivates me to make my own coloring book

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Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,511 3437  
Dec 23, 2020   #2
Reverse the presentation. Start with your personal story, the learning disability. Work your way through the experience of learning failure. Then connect that to the learning accomplishments you encountered once you discovered art. From there, Explain how art changed your life and the outlook you have. Use 250 words for that. Use the next presentation, another 250 words to discuss how you expanded your illustrator skills and abilities. Your essay is weak in the sense that you failed to show any extra curricular activities or independent classes in illustration. Self-study is one thing, properly honing your skills is another. For that, you require actual training or at least, a basis for your skills development. You should convince the reviewer that you have been preparing at least, through the last 2 years of high school, to enter this specialized school of study.
OP Ariana Parker 1 / 3  
Dec 23, 2020   #3
okay, thank you so much I will rewrite it.

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