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"Do I dream, or am I a dreamer?" - "College" Application Essay

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Nov 22, 2010   #1
I was sick last week, and missed a couple of exams. One of them was Research Paper/Grammar (both classes are together). My teacher wants me to make a college application essay for tomorrow. I choose the option #4 in the common ones; describe a character in fiction, a historical figure, or a creative work (as in art, music, science, etc.) that has had an influence on you, and explain that influence.

I never in my life have made a college essay, especially a very "important" one. English isn't my native language also, so it's a bit hard to write it fluently. What do you guys think of? I don't need to write an essay to get in college, so it doesn't matter if it's not THAT good. I already wrote mine in Spanish for a university in Panama, so there isn't a need. :)

I also need help in drawing the conclusion; if someone can give me an example... it will be really appreciated.


P.D.: Max words is 500, Min is 300.

"Do I dream, or am I a dreamer?"

Frankly, there are only two types of men; one who dreams, and one who is a dreamer. Nikola Tesla can be classified as a dreamer. For me, he is one of the greatest dreamers and inventor in the human history. Although he revolutionized the electrical and mechanical engineer field, he is considered as the father of robotics. I consider Nikola Tesla an extremely creative person; someone who can produce or plan something by using only his ingenuity and imagination.

I was influenced by my mother to pursue physics. She bought books about Sir Isaac Newtown, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, etc. One called my attention... it was Nikola Tesla. As a kid, I always wanted to create something: a robot that could help me play football. The reason was because I'm a fan of Captain Tsubasa (football anime). My father divorced my mother when I was about five years old, and I didn't used to see him often, so I needed someone to teach me to play football. I read a book that talked about his life, and achievements, and my robot idea vanished when I realized it was something silly.

Inventions are made because of needs. Cars were invented because people wanted to go somewhere faster and easier. When I was about ten or eleven, I made my first "invention". I called it the "fancube". My GameCube CPU fan broke down, and the cost of replacing and fixing it was too high (for me, actually). I picked up a fan of six volts, made a small circuit with a button, plugged in 4 AA batteries, and taped it on my GameCube. It worked pretty well and at least I could play Super Smash Bros. Melee with my buddies.

I made my first real invention last year (2009). It was a light seeking robot that could charge itself and 2 USB devices at the same time, using a small solar panel. This year (2010), I bought a portable battery ratted at 115 watts with an AC output, and using my old robot, I made this little buddy who can turn on my TV and charge my iPod at the same time, using only solar energy. What really called my attention is that Nikola Tesla wanted to invent a free energy machine. However, a man called John Pierpont Morgan (the man who funded Tesla) said that such a device will never make a profit.

Nikola Tesla had a big influence in my life, for the sole reason that he made me think "outside the box". He made over one hundred inventions in his life, moist of them based on wireless transfer of energy (transmission of energy from a power source to an electrical load without wires) those are my favorite ones. He came from Serbia, to the United States with only four cents and devoted his entire life to design inventions that would help mankind. Thanks to him, I can be a creative person and not be afraid to invent.
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Nov 22, 2010   #2
he is considered as the father of robotics.

Original Sentence: I consider Nikolas Tesla as someone who produce or plan something using ingenuity or imagination, in other words, an inventor.

Revised: I consider Nikolas Tesla an inventor; someone who can produce or plan something by using their ingenuity and imagination.

Nikolas Tesla I was influenced by my mother to pursue physics.

I read the Nikola Tesla book which talked about his life and his achievementsand some trivia) .

There needs to be another paragraph reflecting on the significance of the influence Tesla had over your life.
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Nov 22, 2010   #3
Ok, thank you very much. :)
Going to update when I finish.
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Nov 22, 2010   #4
Thanks for the feedback. Going to print it out and deliver it tomorrow. :)

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