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It is my dream/ Why Harvey Mudd ?

jakk1994 2 / 22 2  
Dec 30, 2012   #1
Due in 3 days, any help would be appreciated! I'm just concerned it doesn't sound sincere enough or if it just needs some better description. I want to show that even though I haven't visited I know I absolutely want to attend Harvey Mudd College.

Being more than a just a "nerd"

Harvey Mudd College is no Caltech backup. It is my dream, and it has its own personality in my mind as a loveable and quirky school where a passion for math and science and appreciation for the humanities are welcomed in earnest. I will readily admit that I have not had the chance to visit - but that in no way impacts my interest or my love for Harvey Mudd College. I plan to visit soon, and I am confident that the way I feel now will only be intensified.

From every Harvey Mudd student I have had the chance to talk to, I can already tell that Harvey Mudd College would fit me like a glove. Where else would a Calculus project made out of a rice-krispie integral be appreciated? Nowhere, and that is why I am so drawn to Harvey Mudd. No other school I have seen has had such an amazing aura: where each student loves what they study and puts their heart into every effort. I long to be a part of such a close knit community where study groups are always exciting and unpredictable and calculus is not some geeky pursuit - it is a way of life. And just for good measure, Harvey Mudd requires a third of core classes to be humanities (because we all cannot sit in our dorms doing physics problems forever).

In addition to my need for a close knit community of students and professors alike, I am attracted to Mudd's heavy workload that emphasizes sciences, but also appreciates the arts. I have not and nor will I ever perform well with free time on my hands. I perform my best not only in small environments, but under pressure and with little time to spare. I have no explanation other than that filling my schedule with endless amounts of work and activities forces me to organize my time efficiently and ambitiously. In a way I am sure few people understand, the work I did between my two summer jobs was emotionally fulfilling and left me feeling like I was on top of the world - at the peak of my game. The work load Harvey Mudd College has to offer has been a very significant factor in my interest in applying, and I know I will be more than happy to devote hours to work, study, and the occasional unicycle ride to the Donut Man's legendary bakery.

With a campus close to home, and a student body that is enthusiastic and excited about studying, Harvey Mudd College is the perfect school in my eyes. It stands above all of the UC's and CSU's in California - with specialized attention and stronger engineering and computer science programs, Harvey Mudd College is one of a kind (much like each one of its students). As I apply to Mudd, I think of all my hard work, perseverance, and dreams culminating in one final moment, and come fall of 2013 I hope to be one of the few who can proudly call themselves a Mudder: more than a just a "nerd" - certainly a well rounded student, distinguished with excellence, among the most creative and brightest of their generation (with a penchant for pranking Caltech).

alicederp 10 / 56 4  
Dec 30, 2012   #2
Hi there,

I think this essay really gets your point across and flows well. But my suggestion would be to delete the first sentence an the comparisons to other schools. I say you don't need to clarify that Harvey Mudd is its own unique school. Similarly it doesn't look good to bash other schools...

Please help me with my nyu supplement! Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.
silly278 2 / 9  
Dec 30, 2012   #3

may be describe , like "only where the unique perceptions of... can be accepted and appreciated.

It stands above all of the UC's and CSU's in California - with specialized attention and stronger engineering and computer science programs,

i agree with the above comment, comparing with other school... i wouldn't recommend that.

Thanks for the comment on my essay. i'll work on it.

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