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Why NU-Q? ----Dream to be a journalist

anfernee 6 / 19 13  
Dec 31, 2015   #1
Why NU-Q? Northwestern University in Qatar is not for everyone. Tell us why you think NU-Q is the right "fit" for your educational and personal goals. (1-250 words)

When I reflected on my past in high school, I found that that my old days in the TV station has set its stamp on my heart. Thus, I yearn to realize my dream as a true journalist in NU-Q. The comprehensive curriculum based on liberal arts context, not only covers required elements of journalism studies such as intensive English-writing training and information processing, but also includes other areas that will widen my perspective and diversify my thinking. With selfless assistance and individual attention, even as a non-native speaker, I am able to fit in the totally new environment, taking advantage of abundant research opportunities with knowledgeable professors. At the same time, thanks to the small class size, the genuine camaraderie of students with various backgrounds boosts the inspirational idea exchange that will generate everlasting benefits. Beyond academic preparation, the Journalism Residency program can acclimatize me to the demanding media industry: guided by veteran journalists, I expect to sharpen my professional skills by overcoming numerous challenges that cultivates leadership, independence and responsibility. Qatar, a burgeoning country that promotes industrial transformation, serves as a perfect platform where I plan to present my talents and explore countless possibilities.

Attending NU-Q is an adventure that I cannot refuse to join, that brings my Chinese identity and American higher education together, and then puts the combination into the international campus with individualized care. There I aspire to develop lifelong friendships, experience the intercultural communication, and step on a long journey without regret.
vangiespen - / 4,134 1449  
Dec 31, 2015   #2
Jize, I think that you should consider revising the content of your essay. You have a very unique situation here that can potentially be turned into a very memorable essay for presentation. Imagine, you are a Chinese person, wishing to study in Qatar, at an American university on foreign soil ! The succeeding discussion should be one that is totally unique to your situation because of the existing factors, instead of the common type of discussion that you currently present.

Explain how as Chinese student, you will be the first in your family to attend college in a well rounded manner. You will bring your unique Chinese traditions and cultures to NU-Q, where it will be merged with the international student body, thus creating a totally new type of student community based in Qatar.

Add to that the American based educational content and what you will have is a unique graduate who has been exposed to the best minds that the new generation of future leaders has to offer in a setting that allows you to practice this new type of global education which can only benefit all of the students and countries concerned in the development of this new type of education.

Will you be needing some help with the development of such a discussion or can you draft something along those lines that I can help you edit instead?
OP anfernee 6 / 19 13  
Dec 31, 2015   #3
Hi Louisa, actually I tried displaying the idea you mentioned, as you could see it in my last paragraph. Since journalism requires international perspective, language mastery and creativity. I agree what you suggested to combine those elements, the special location in the Middle East, the American education and my Chinese background. But I do need your help, if possible, to perfect such combination. I am worried about how to make a perfect connection between the "why major" and "why school."
vangiespen - / 4,134 1449  
Dec 31, 2015   #4
Jize, that discussion should not be a mere footnote in your last paragraph. You should make it the focal point of your total essay. Like I previously mentioned, those should be the main reasons that you chose NU-Qatar in the first place. The dream of becoming a journalist should be somehow included in the overall conversation instead. Let me see if I can develop an example that you can as a template for your revision. I'll get started below:

As a student from China, I always longed to go somewhere that I could experience the freedom to learn and express myself. My first instinct upon reaching college age was to go to the U.S. for my education. Then I learned that NU-Qatar already existed. It got me to thinking, as a future journalist, wouldn't it be better for me to receive my journalism education in an environment that would allow me to learn from international exposure as I inched closer to my goal? That was when I realized that NU- Qatar would be the best option for my education.

Qatar is a country that offers me a chance to learn about the culture and traditions of a Middle Eastern nation. Something that will help me understand the world on a relevant scale since the Middle East is somewhat of an enigma among the regions of the world. Then I would have the opportunity to live in a democratic environment on campus as NU-Qater caters to the American way of life through a liberal arts education. I would be experiencing two worlds and learning about the world in general simply by attending a unique university outside of China.

NU-Qatar is my choice for my education because it will be an experience that will allow me to combine the best of Chinese culture, an understanding of the Middle East, and a Liberal Arts education from an American university, although on foreign soil, thus creating a unique journalist in the future.
( 249 words)

Now you have two options, if you think that this essay reflects a message that you want the reviewer to know about, then go ahead and use this essay. Consider this the final form. Or, you can use this as a template so that you can develop a more relevant version using your own perspective, ideas, and points for discussion. Whatever works best for you :-)

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