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'my dream with various courses' - Northwestern essay

delta598 1 / 1  
Nov 1, 2009   #1
Hey guys, this is my 1st draft of the Northwestern essay
please just look at it and tell me if it needs changes :D
many thanks!

Although there are ...
perejdam 2 / 3  
Nov 1, 2009   #2
Undergraduate leadership program- is programme spelled correct?

Aid in my development- 2nd paragraph

get rid of greatly and just say levity-3rd paragraph

Your paper is very interesting and goes into thorough detail about why you want to attend Northwestern. My best advice is to try and tighten the essay by eliminating words or phrases that are not necessary to drive your point across.
Lunacy 2 / 5  
Nov 1, 2009   #3
Although there are many reasons why Northwestern is my higher education destination, my primary reason is its academic excellence. With highly competent professors accredited with the Nobel Prize, I would be able to gain access to high quality education, and thus greatly expand my knowledge. I personally like Northwestern University because of its flexibility in determining a major. It easily allows students in Weinberg College to declare a major in another school or within its school. The ease of double majoring will allow me to focus my knowledge and learning across various principles. For instance, I want to double major in anthropology and economics. Although they are seemingly unrelated, I believe they can adequately build the foundation for my future business career.

Northwestern U niversity provides ample opportunity to build upon my dream with various courses. The Kellogg School of Business financial economics certificate course is an excellent option for me to pursue, as it would teach me the workings of business management. Even the diverse student population of Northwestern University itself would allow me to apply anthropology in the real world. Beyond the academic courses, Northwestern also provides various internship opportunities and the famous Undergraduate Leadership programme pursued by ambitious students. These various courses complement each other, and they will allow me to complete a holistic, interdisciplinary education that would undoubtedly aid me in becoming a successful leader.

Moreover, I appreciate and value the traditions that Northwestern supports within the university. The painting of the Rock and its development into a major landmark of Northwestern is fascinating, as it shows how traditions were developed and preserved at the same time. The annual Halloween Chemistry Shows is of particular interest, as it would be quite interesting to see science experiments conducted by costumed teachers. The only event that could possibly rival this event in terms of comic appeal is probably the stadium marshmallow throw during football games. I greatly value the levity and the free atmosphere Northwestern presents among students and between students and faculty members. With this atmosphere, I believe that studies at Northwestern would be both comforting and engaging.

Beyond the academic attractions Northwestern presents, I am also interested in the myriad of diverse activities and events that the university offers. During my time as a member of student council for my high school , I greatly enjoyed organizing events and representing my peers. I wish to continue this at Northwestern by participating in Associated Student Government-- attempting to represent my peers effectively and bringing about beneficial changes. Other activities such as the Dance Marathon and somewhat mysterious Primal Scream would provide me with opportunities to establish relationships with others and would create a memorable college experience. As a responsible global citizen, I would also participate in various community service groups such as Habitat for Humanity and reach out to those in need.

I strongly believe that education is a holistic process, not only one taught within the classroom. If education was purely about academics, we would be no more than smart robots. I believe that it is experience in life and interactions with others that complement our learning in classrooms, and aid our development into mature, responsible individuals. I want to maximize my exposure to diversity in all directions, hence my decision to enter Northwestern, a university bustling with diversity with cultures from more than 50 countries worldwide.

Northwestern provides the complete, holistic education that I desire. With these wonderful opportunities presented, it is common sense for me to select Northwestern as my dream university.

I would also revise the last sentence somehow--it seems a bit awkward to me.

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