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A Personal Dream: Yale Supplemental

jwrc5 2 / 3  
Dec 24, 2009   #1
Prompt: Tell us something about you that you don't think we can learn elsewhere.

A Personal Dream:

I am often asked by my peers, teachers and strangers what I think is the key to peace. The answer is quite simple; we must recreate the Tower of Babel. The key to building the Tower of Babel was that all of the people spoke the same language, and shared a common interest in worshipping a God. My dream is similar in that I want to build a tower, perhaps not tangible, but a tower that will hopefully unite the world in some form. Yet, the difference between my dream and the Tower of Babel is that this tower is based not only in the world's similar heart, but in the different extremities that comprise our world.

In addition to studying Arabic, I have also studied Portuguese, at a Brazilian Peace Seminar Camp, and Spanish, through service work abroad. Even before traveling to these countries, I knew of the linguistic and cultural differences between the bossa nova Brazil and the tangoing Argentina. However, after traveling to the two nations, the similarities between the two cultures are apparent. Both languages are derived from Latin which lends itself to a similarity culture as shown in the similar sound of bossas and tangos. Thus, is the rationale to study language - it is the fabric of the world that binds us together.

Assuming the Tower of Babel was real, we all spoke one language, and we all shared similar passions that united us to build the massive tower in human history. Therefore, studying Latin, Germanic, and Semitic roots are essential in understanding the nature of the world. Studying these languages lends itself to discovering historical and cultural similarities that often overlooked. It is my dream that through studying language, identifying historical and cultural similarities, can we finally appreciate the beautiful differences that define the world today. Then, and only then, can we cooperate and create a new Tower of Babel, whatever it may be. That is a dream worth dying for.

Feel free to flame. I need the help. Thank You! If you comment on this, and provide legit advice, I will read and critique your essay as well.
whitepolarbear 7 / 31  
Dec 24, 2009   #2
I thought a Tower of Babel was a bad thing. Before the tower of babel, everyone spoke the same language. They built the tower to reach God, or to surpass him, and basically God was pissed. He struck the Tower of Babel down because it was too pretentious and made everyone speak a different language. So.. Tower of Babel has negative connotations.

Maybe you can change it to "the era before the Tower of Babel"

Anyways good luck

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