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"dreamed of becoming a singer" - UC personal statement - prompt #1

chipmunk 6 / 10  
Nov 25, 2008   #1

English and Singing Success

Like millions of people during childhood, I dreamed of becoming a singer when I was in middle school. My dreams, however, swiftly crashed into reality the day I had gotten a sore throat and my voice was certainly changed to the voice of a different person. I was shocked and devastated about where my life would go from there. At a time when I felt the world had ended, little did I realize that another one was just beginning. Being changed from the voice never altered my aspirations in singing, but it forced me to find and pursue an alternative outside of vocalist.

I was struggling with my English examinations, but I had found out that I was exceedingly interested in English instead of singing. This is because of my endeavored to get my grade passed. My teacher named Mr. Li had been really diligent in educating my English. Initially, I felt displeased about expending time in some tedious extra lessons, but during these, my passion for English had been enhanced after each single make up extra lesson that he added for me. Also, these are some valuable instructions because Mr. Li had sacrificed his personal time after school for me, and his kindness and enthusiasm about improving my bad grade. Although the difficult homework and feature-length fiction gave me a headache, I eventually sought a profession about which I could be as passionate as I was about singing. Driven by my heart, being a teacher possessed a high respectability in Hong Kong, where I was born and grew up; therefore, I was fascinated and firmed by this occupation.

Since English is my second language, I had undergone disappointment and failure in English before experiencing success. As a sophomore at my high school and my English had become better, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to help my teacher and to assist in her undergraduate students' English homework. This was liked a remedial courses for them and for myself. Interacting with those students has ignited my enthusiasm about becoming an English teacher, especially with helping students who were not speaking English as their first language. This was because I known the difficulties and perplexities in learning English, also the disadvantages of English as a second language students. Therefore, I knew the manners of assisting them in comprehending English. Furthermore, I was a volunteer in Chase Lake Community School last April to June. In my first experience with children between age six to eight, teachers taught and allowed me to work with them, hence I had developed my teaching skills and learned how to get along well with children and teenagers. In fact, working with them provided an educational atmosphere that again took me beyond the typical world of textbooks.

Presently, I am a president of De Anza International Student Association Club. My work focuses on connecting students from different countries; however, English might be a problem among some of my club members. As my other experiences, I am willing to assist them in various problems, especially solving questions in English. For instance, I assist them with learning new vocabularies, improving essay structure and editing grammar. These circumstances have provided me actual applications of classroom knowledge. Instead of just learning, I am doing.

I have set English as my mother tongue after suffering and helping people around an English environment, my desire goes far beyond that of an average person; and I have no doubt about changing my goal perpetually. Also, as a result of my involvement with practicing in English, I have learned to manage and balance a busy schedule, while maintaining success in the classroom.

What all students and teachers gave to me prior was a gift beyond measure. As I have set my heart on pursuing a career as an English teacher, I hope to be able to contribute the same gift to my future students, to teach them all knowledge I have about English. I am willing to make the necessary sacrifices in order to achieve my goals. My dream to become a singer still lurks deep inside and would be a tremendous opportunity if offered, but currently a different aspiration takes precedence over that childhood fantasy. The prospect of becoming an English teacher has opened my eyes and heart to a new goal.
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Nov 26, 2008   #2

I would like to see if you can express the idea that BEING AN ENGLISH TEACHER would fulfill that same need for self-expression that makes you want to be a singer. English teachers celebrate language, and language is music. Can you add a sentence to express the idea that being a teacher is quite a lot like being a singer?

Even though English is your second language, you can write more beautifully than people who grew up speaking English if you write with a feeling of rhythm. Like singing.

Great job! You write better than many native speakers of English! Good luck,


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