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I was elected president of the student center - global Ugrad program.

Rociomaria 2 / 2  
Dec 30, 2018   #1

My leadership experience

Describe an instance where you had to be a leader in your community.What did you learn about yourself and your capacity to create change?.

Please help me with my writing I am a Spanish native speaker. And do you think I answered all questions? tell me all the criticisms

When I was elected president of the student center it was a challenge, first because of the trust the entire student body gave me and second because I would be the principal of an entire school.

I had the opportunity to participate in several camps where I met other student leaders from all over Paraguay with whom I could share ideas and learn from them. In addition, we all had something in common, the desire to improve the country.

My experience in the student center was magnificent, I learned to work in a team, to delegate tasks, I realized that each one of us is different and that there are all kinds of personalities; also, It helped myself notoriously in my interpersonal skills and in my formation as a leader.

There I realized the reality in which we live, what needs to be done in our country, whether in education or in other aspects, I realized that change is first in ourselves and then we become multiplying agents, sharing teachings and supporting each other. From the moment on, I dedicated myself to participate in as many courses as possible and to take advantage of the opportunities presented to me.

But, just as I had good experiences in the student center, I was also part of other organizations in which I did not have such pleasant experienced formed me as a person.

We had two great activities: the end-of-year trip and our prom party, It was not easy to lead the group, I stumbled but I went ahead and I can say with joy that we achieved the goal.

As in any other group, there were discomforts and disagreements on some sides towards others, But I was able to handle difficult situations effectively with calm and tolerance

I think I have the capacity to create change because I already take it to action, for example with a group called "Voluntad Bogadense" we are collecting toys for poor children as a gift from The three kings. I love to make others happy through my actions, encourage yourselves to look for a spark of hope where all the darkness seems to absorb you, use the light you always have to help.

The phrase "Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want donde because he wants to do it" It reminds me of the encouragement our peers need to achieve their goals.

It's incredible how words help in the personal improvement of each one, we must value our collaborators and listen to their opinions because a good leader does not government in its team but motivates and accompanies it.

Holt - / 7,530 2001  
Jan 2, 2019   #2
Rocio, the essay does not respond to the prompt. You are not being asked to present several instances when you portrayed a leadership role. In fact, the stories that you shared do not really show a real leadership skill that you had to use within your community. It only speaks of references to possible, but not proven, leadership activities on your part. As such, the essay is not an effective leadership representation and could very well be disregarded by the reviewer. You have to write an essay that highlights one specific instance or even that shows how you perform as a leader. So if you want to discuss the student center opportunity, then discuss that and nothing else. However, you need to narrate a specific activity that proves your leadership abilities and how you were able to effect a positive and continuing change in that setting. None of those were represented in this essay. When you say "I think", that means you are unsure, the essay needs you to be sure of your ability to effect change in a community. Toy collection does not prove that sort of ability to enact change. Starting a social action that is supported by the community long after you have left, such as an ability to help the environment or volunteering to help the elderly, are examples of movements that can effect real change in a community.

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