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Electric & Sporadic/ Bed time stories;Common App - Reading Habits&Experience/ Books

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Dec 31, 2012   #1
The prompt is below. This is just what I have so far, I still need to add my reading experience in high school, a book that is significant to me, and a conclusion, so if you have any ideas for a book or any of those things please let me know! Thanks!!

2. Respond to both parts: (a) Describe your reading habits and your experience with books. (b) Choose some book that has been important in shaping your thoughts and discuss a single aspect of it (not the book as a whole) that is particularly significant to you. (2-3pgs double spaced)

There is something special about entering an alternate reality, let alone being able to so in such a simple, antediluvian manner. In a room with just a lamp, a soft blanket, and a beloved book in hand, I can be passed from my world into one that is either unimaginable or relatable. When cracking the spine of a new book I am walking through the doorway into a different world. By reading I am given the wondrous opportunity to let go of my worries, desires, and stresses. Reading is my beloved escape from reality.

Printed words has captivated me before I could understand it's significance. When I was three, my mom ordered a collection of children's books for me to learn to read. When the package arrived, I picked up a book and started to read. This may or may not be a surprise considering our house was adorned with my father's books. Because of this, I grew up with more books then toys. My bedtime stories consisted of passages from the Odyssey and a Mid-Summer Night's Dream. My love for reading developed to a new level, the library. I was bewildered by how the combination of the assortment of books, the coziness of its armchairs, and the serene surroundings created the perfect reading environment. I read until the moment we had to leave and checked out stacks of books at a time. My passion for reading developed into a skill and in elementary school I was tested to read at a high school reading level.

In high school, reading is taught through bubbles of multiple choice tests and of course an essay.
As I grew older, my passion for books spread, and not in the way or increasing. But my love for reading changed. I read eclectically and sporadically. I love to pick up a book that will fill my mind with new information or imagination.

danica2995 - / 4  
Dec 31, 2012   #2
This is very well written. However, try to fix up the conclusion add something more captivating for that admission officer to remember you.
lexilex1995 6 / 17  
Jan 6, 2013   #3
The conclusion needs to be more believable

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