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(electrical cord / IB diploma / leaders / engineers) - Columbia Short

dychung7 7 / 19  
Dec 31, 2011   #1
Please tell us what you found meaningful about one of the above mentioned books, publications or cultural events. (1500 characters)
The image of an electrical cord trailing out the back of a bald human head, similar to The Matrix, caught my attention in the weekly issue of TIME magazine. (Not a recipient of the daily Washington Post, TIME is my only source of formal news besides the Internet). The issue was titled in large black letters: "2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal". Curious by such a bold statement, I delved into the magazine to discover an increasingly popular concept called singularity: "The moment when technological change becomes so rapid and profound, it represents a rupture in the fabric of human history". The article aroused my perspective on the rapid advancements in technology society is experiencing. Before reading, I had appreciated the rapid development because it would allow humanity to reach great potentials. After reading, I realized that at a certain point, humans may create artificial intelligence that can surpass human intelligence. This article ultimately broadened my perspective on today's technological innovation.

Please tell us what academic class has been your favorite and why. (1500 characters)
Although it was a required class for the IB Diploma, I was fortunate to enroll in the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) class. I was completely lost when the central question of TOK was posed on the first day of my junior year: How do I, or how do we, know that a given assertion is true, or a given judgment is well grounded? However, as I had dived deeper into the course, I found my footing and myself developing into a new character. During every class, we would have heated discussions with the main focus not on differentiating between the right and wrong answer, but on forming a thoughtful opinion based on strong justifications. This class has been my favorite because along with numerous new perspectives I have gained, the discussions helped me with developing and articulating my own individual perspective. By the end of the second semester, I had acquired a holistic view of the world. I became conscious of the various perspectives and learned to maintain a balanced approach for every issue.

Please tell us what you find most appealing about Columbia and why. (1500 characters)
What I find most appealing about Columbia is how the school trains students - especially aspiring engineers - to become leaders in the real world. They do this through the "belief in the value of civic engagement and enlightened stewardship". Columbia's Gateway class, the only one in the country, allows students to become involved in the community and solve design issues through community projects. Because Columbia is located in the heart of New York City, there are so many opportunities for students to help contribute in improving the New York community. Columbia also offers numerous internships throughout the city. They include internship opportunities at technology and engineering firms like Google, IBM, and Lockheed Martin Space Systems, corporations for which I aspire to work at. Finally, Columbia's structured core curriculum educates students with the knowledge necessary to prepare them for the real world of engineering with an expansive perspective of other aspects of the communities surrounding us. My IB Program has planted the seed of this holistic view in me and I see Columbia as the right haven to nurture and develop these skills to their full potential. Furthermore, I believe Columbia is the training ground for leaders of tomorrow's engineering world.

For applicants to The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, please tell us what attracts you specifically to the study of engineering. (1500 characters)My passion for engineering goes beyond the science and mathematics aspects. It is how engineering incorporates itself in other aspects and vice versa. Growing up in a modern society run by innovations, I have witnessed how engineering is inextricably associated with multiple aspects of society, including the political and social. Old societies used to immerse themselves in the arts and humanities, which go back into Ancient Egypt and Greece. Things have changed since then. Long-held beliefs have been shattered. Empires have crumbled. A new era has ushered in with engineering as an integral axis of today's society. Engineering is not a field of study isolated in a dark corner. It is not at astronomical heights, too abstract for humankind to comprehend, such as theoretical physics or the axioms of mathematics. Its foundation is composed of several areas of knowledge such as the natural sciences and the arts, making it easy to grasp for individuals in their respective field of study. I want to be part of an organism, whose movements, equivalent to the ground-breaking discoveries, can affect other aspects of society by making cracks in beliefs and bringing forth new ideas.

Note I need more help on the 1st essay
Jerlynn 3 / 26  
Dec 31, 2011   #2
Hey, returning the favor:

Your second, third and fourth essay is really good and with interesting specifics. But your first essay needs more details and more discussing about why it is meaningful to you. Make it even more interesting. The first part is good, though.

Good luck!
OP dychung7 7 / 19  
Dec 31, 2011   #3
Thank you so much Jerlynn!!
jasononwenu 5 / 19  
Dec 31, 2011   #4
The rest of the essays are fine. The first essay... explain why it is important to you and how it broadened your perspective.
masterkid114 1 / 5  
Dec 31, 2011   #5
I too have read the concept of the singularity and i think its awesome. I would talk more about what the singularity represents. Disease will be virtually nonexistent because we will be in robot bodies (way after the singularity) possibly the next stage of human evolution, the human life will be extended to basically forever based on technological advancements in medicine. The AI will surpass us and will eventually evolve into a species of their own because we wont be innovating on their tech anymore, they will be doing it to them selves and they could be either friendly to us or aggressive. think of battle star galactica.

sorry went all nerd on you haha, your other ones are really good.
If this didnt help im sorry, i kinda rambled anyways

Could you take a look at mine?

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