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engineering program hulks in head - Northwestern University writing supplement McCormick

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Dec 31, 2013   #1
i m an international student applying for northwestern university (only 1 day left please help me )
can you please find grammatical errors and give opinions about the whole essay or mention the part you find best in this article

As a Mahatma Gandhi inspired student I always believed that practice is worth more than tons of preaching. And after watching the list of classroom activities and practical knowledge offered over here, I was very positive that northwestern university would be the ideal college for me.

Since my teenage I was extremely appealed toward fancy science labs and used to Google about different kinds of labs and found Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science have got all of them, and more unique thing that it got even more the ones I used to fantasize. One of the luxury that McCormick provides is their Ford Motor Company Engineering Design Center, for me it is as feeling heaven, without even dying, as they provides with a collaborative environment and have facilities of research rooms and project display areas that open endless opportunities.

NU's engineering program hulks very deep in my head, because I have many dreams about my engineering career in which I make machines more intelligent and more advanced and I believe Northwestern will help me achieve those dreams with their challenging work and world acclaimed teachers

One of the Best things I found is the research programs as one of their top priorities and have budgets of 1.5 billion annually and also offers summer research programs for undergraduates; I always loved working in groups and solve problems that interest me and may change millions of lives.

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