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'engineering can solve the environmental problems' - NYU:Why engineering

shelia1993 4 / 22  
Dec 30, 2011   #1
Decades ago, where I live now was an industrial city. Although born when the city has already shifted to a diverse commercial center, I suffered from the outcome of heavy industry. What made it worse, in order to transform my city to a metropolis, the government has been tearing down old buildings, and constructing skyscrapers without stop. The rapid development has been along with intense pollution. Suffering from sand storms in springs, I started seeking for practical ways to improve my city's environment.

However, only when I went to America did I discover that engineering can solve the environmental problems caused by engineering. I lived near Milwaukee, a city that has been transformed from an industrial city into a comercial center with little pollution. During researches, I found Milwaukee has a well organized recycle system, supporting by local companies and citizens. I got a whole new idea about industry through that year, and was determined to become an engineer.

I am eager to join the Dual Degree Program of Engineering in NYU, devoted myself to explore the frontier of technology first and practicing the abstract concept in reality. New York University provides so many exceptional opportunities for each student, and I hope to get involved in the newly started program - Center for Urban Science& Progress for future study. Besides, studying in a global city, I can get to know many insightful peers from different places, and work with them to make a change.
gris_pereyra 4 / 25  
Dec 30, 2011   #2
i am slightly confused with the beginning.. where are you? i don't know if it just me, but it the first paragraph is slightly confusing on location and time. maybe clarify those two things?
soufianelaouad 3 / 29  
Jan 8, 2012   #3
ask yourself if anybody else can write this essay if not you succeeded

other than that, Amazing Work !
I am a high school student who wants to pursue Electrical or mechanical engineering at Purdue Next year.
Please look at the Last essay I just posted its about engineering and my future at purdue
thank you

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